Albany, NY- There are many Conservatives who object the legalization of medical marijuana in spite of a growing body of studies that point to the drugs many medicinal benefits. As it turns out some of these Conservatives can be hypocrites like former New York lawmaker Steve Katz.

Katz, who was a New York assemblyman, was busted in March 2013 for possession of marijuana after a police officer found a small bag or pot in his car during a traffic stop. Now, if marijuana was legal that would be no big deal for a lawmaker but it isn’t. That is definitely one hypocritical aspect to his arrest, but not the only one considering that in 2012, Katz voted against a medical marijuana bill.

Later, Katz told reporters that his marijuana arrest was an “epiphany.” He said he thought during his arrest, “‘You’re turning me into a criminal? You got to be kidding,’” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

The prospect of being turned into a criminal was enough for the lawmaker to change his tune and support full legalization of marijuana. One question remains though: Would Katz have changed his tune about the crimination of marijuana if it hadn’t personally affected him? Probably not.

After his arrest, Katz actually voted for the medical marijuana bill he voted against the year before and joined and investment group that focuses on cannabis.

Katz got a taste of the treatment many medical marijuana patients receive but he was fortunate that he was only charged with a misdemeanor possession charge since the discovery of drugs on a person generally occurs during a DUI stop.

DUI arrests involving marijuana are increasingly common especially as taboos against the drug loosen across the country. There are so many risks for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, so the laws governing impaired driving in New York can be pretty tough.

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