The state of Colorado may begin seeing issues arise with some of their latest DUI arrests as the alcohol breath test being used is under high speculation. The Intoxilyzer 9000 is what Colorado officers use to help convict thousands of people for DUI each and every year. But, with a recent case that has come to light, one Colorado DUI defense attorney is questioning whether the machine’s readings are accurate and whether those who have been convicted were rightfully charged.

According to, Mike Barnhill, who is a former technician for the state health lab has come forward with some disturbing news. He is claiming that his signature, which certifies the Intoxilyzer 9000, has been forged several times to certify the machines for use. These breathalyzer machines go through a certain process to ensure they are working. Just like any other machines, these breath test machines must be checked and certified for use. But, if the technician’s signature was forged, not only is that a crime in itself, but it might indicate that the breath tests didn’t undergo the proper maintenance and could be giving false readings.

More and more breathalyzer test machines are reportedly not being maintenanced properly which means more DUI arrests might be questioned.

The case that brought this issue to light was one that occurred back in May of 2016. Bob Friedlander found himself arrested while driving while ability impaired. That means that his BAC level was between .05 and .07 percent. In order to be considered driving drunk, your BAC level must be .08 percent or higher. The evidence that helps this particular case is that Friedlander had stated that he took his own breathalyzer test before he drove home after having some drinks. His BAC reading was .05 and claimed he waited one hour and 15 minutes before he drove home.

When Friedlander was pulled over and accused of being intoxicated by a Colorado state trooper, he took part in a breathalyzer test using the Intoxilyzer 9000. His BAC results came back at .071 and that surprised Friedlander considering he took his own test to measure his BAC level and waited before he drove home. His Colorado DUI lawyer is now fighting these charges after learning about the forged signatures and others might be concerned as to whether additional DUI tests are credible.

I was Charged with a DUI in Denver and I want to Contest my Charges: What Should I do?

Like Friedlander, there are many individuals who are charged with DUI who feel their breathalyzer test reading gave inaccurate results. But, unless you hire a well-versed Denver, Colorado DUI attorney who is familiar with this field of law, you decrease your chances of proving your claims.

Therefore, if you are seeking legal advice or help, is ready to connect you with the top DUI defense attorneys in the city of Denver. Rather than wait until your court appearance to plead your case, hire a lawyer who has the knowledge and skills to defend you and your rights.