Cincinnati, OH– This week Ohio’s House of Representatives approved a bill that would make ignition interlock devices mandatory for first-time OVI/DUI offenders in the state. The vote puts Annie’s Law one step closer to becoming law. So far, until the Senate takes up the bill, ignition interlocks aren’t mandatory, but Annie’s Law has a good chance of passing.

Annie’s Law was named for a young girl who was killed in 2013 by a drunken driver with a blood alcohol concentration twice Ohio’s legal limit.  She was riding her bike in Chillicothe at dusk when she was struck by a driver who didn’t have their lights on. Annie’s father told WLWT that the driver who killed his daughter never even applied their brakes.

Annie’s law would require all OVI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles if they are convicted of their first or subsequent OVI, according to WLTW. The devices would also include a camera to capture the person using the device which will prevent an offender from enlisting a sober person from blowing into their ignition interlock.

Annie’s father and other anti-drunk driving advocates have been working to get the bill passed, and they might have success. Measures like Annie’s Law often pass because lawmakers want to keep repeat drunken drivers off the road, and mandatory ignition interlocks for first-time offenders have shown to do just that. MADD estimates that ignition interlock devices stop two-thirds of would-be repeat OVI offenders.

While most people believe ignition interlock devices can prevent numerous incidents of drunk driving – MADD estimates that most offenders drive drunk 80 times before they are caught-, so there are critics of the measure. Critics say these devices don’t correct long-term behaviors, and once the devices are removed, many people continue to drive drunk.

An ignition interlock device may be right for some OVI offenders in Ohio because it allows them to live their lives normally, but such devices don’t work for everyone. That is why USAttorneys recommends you speak with a professional about your defense and the penalties you are facing. Our team of OVI/ DUI lawyers in Cincinnati, Ohio, will evaluate your charges and help you build a hard-to-beat defense.

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