Not all injuries caused by cars originate on the roads, but drivers can be sued in a similar manner regardless of the type of damage they cause during an accident. A local news story from Houston Texas demonstrates how the dangers of driving can even affect those who are not in the streets.

Laundry business damaged by a careless driver

A woman in southwest Houston was injured when a driver hit a Laundromat with their car. The collision occurred at the business called the SGT Washateria on Fondren Road. Police believe that the driver stepped on the gas pedal while the car was in reverse and went straight into the building. The Lincoln Sedan did not directly hit the woman or anyone else inside, but there was a lot of debris from wood, glass, and metal. One of these pieces of debris hit the woman in the leg and she had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Damage from automobiles

Drivers who make mistakes are one of the most common sources of harm people suffer in the USA. Many personal injury lawsuits are also related to similar incidents where a car causes property damage and hurts someone. Lawyers who deal with various accidents become experts by repeatedly handing personal injury cases that deal with the same issues and procedures for filing and preparing the case.

DUI lawyer

How is this lawsuit different from a case involving car accidents on the roads?

When a person is inside a building or other structure that is struck by a vehicle, the process for filing a lawsuit is similar to most other personal injury cases or car accidents. The same state laws regarding negligence and other tort principles also apply. The lawyer will need to prepare an initial pleading, that must allege that the defendant driver breached their normal duty of care on the roads and caused injuries to the victim. This is a standard negligence case, and they essentially work the same way regardless of the situation that caused an injury.

In any case involving personal injuries, your lawyer will need to speak to you and gather information about what happened at the scene of the accident and the type of injuries you sustained. There may be accident reports, testimony from witnesses, medical records related to the victim’s injuries and other important pieces of information. If the driver receives traffic citations or criminal charges related to the same accident, this is also relevant and helpful to your case. As a general matter, all civil lawsuits go through this same kind of process and either eventually settle or go to trial. Your lawyer can answer any further questions.

Speak to a DUI attorney for help

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