The DUI Task Force is going to be out and ready to stop drunk drivers in Arizona this holiday season so beware. The task force is dedicating themselves to preventing drivers from operating their vehicles while intoxicated before they hurt or kill someone who might come across their path [Source: KGUN9]. While it is known that the holiday times bring holiday “cheers,” it is important that if you plan on drinking on Christmas or New Year’s that you refrain from driving. Why? Not only will you reduce your chances of causing an accident, but you will also avoid being charged with DUI.

And nobody wants to be placed in jail for drunk driving when they should be spending time with friends and family.  

One of the common problems officers see with intoxicated drivers is that they fail to realize they aren’t able to drive after having a drink. Some individuals get caught up in the idea that “it’s not gonna happen to me, I can drive drunk” or that they have experience with driving drunk and have never been arrested. But if you haven’t learned, you never should say never. It only takes a few seconds for a drunk driving accident to transpire and in those few seconds, your life and those you effect could change forever.

Another message Arizona officers want people to hear is that just because you’ve been drinking the least doesn’t qualify you to be the designated driver. One drink or five, a drink is a drink and it places you and your passengers at risk for engaging in an accident. Everyone has their own tolerance level and just because you might not feel “drunk” doesn’t exactly mean you are qualified to operate a vehicle. Alcohol clouds the mind and causes impairment. Therefore, rather than take that chance and risk your life, it is better that you allow a friend to provide you with a ride if they offer or call a rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft to come and pick you up.

DUI Charges Carry Hefty Penalties

As we approach the end of the year, the goal is to start 2018 with a fresh new set of goals in mind. One of those goals shouldn’t be to figure out what to do with your life now that you have a DUI charge on your record. To avoid getting caught up in the party and excitement, be sure you have a plan already put in place if you are considering drinking this holiday season. Police will be out in full force and it can be expected that DUI checkpoints will be set up. So, rather than take the risk and attempt to drive yourself and/or others home after having a drink, be prepared and have a designated driver selected or a rideshare company in mind to pick you up.

If you are already facing a DUI charge in the city of Tucson, Arizona, will help you get connected with a local Tucson DUI defense lawyer. There are many things you need to be aware of after being arrested for DUI and we can connect you with some of the best professionals in the field who can provide you with the information and advice you will need.