Gilbert, AZ- An Arizona man, is facing DUI and resisting arrest charges after a traffic stop last week, but the man alleges he wasn’t resisting arrest. He says the pavement was just too hot, and he was barefoot, but a witness contradicts his claims.

Fox 10 News reports that on July 26th, a police officer in Mesa clocked a motorist traveling 95 mph in a 65 mph zone. When the officer attempted

According to the police report, which the Washington Post reported on, LeBeau was not wearing shoes when he was pulled over. When he stepped out of the car, LeBeau complained about the searing pavement and began to push the officer who was trying to handcuff him. That’s when a scuffle began and

LeBeau said he wasn’t resisting arrest; he just wanted his shoes, so he wasn’t standing on the scorching pavement, which was about 165 degrees, Fox 10 News reports. In the end, LeBeau was charged with criminal speeding, resisting arrest and driving under the influence of drugs.

Some witnesses filmed the scuffle and couple even stepped in to help the officer. One of the Good Samaritans told the media that LeBeau was absolutely resisting arrest.

You can watch a cell phone video of LeBeau’s arrest by visiting the Fox 10 News website and make up your mind.

USAttorneys has a tip for everyone whether you are pulled over for a DUI or facing an arrest: Don’t resist police, even if you think they are wrongfully detaining or arresting you. Don’t resist if the pavement is too hot or it’s too cold outside because you’ll just make your legal troubles worse. It’s in your best interest to comply with an officer and retain a DUI or criminal defense attorney to challenge your charges later on.

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