Drinking and driving has become the largest threat to public safety in modern times. Law enforcement officers all over the nation work day and night to control the situation and get drunken drivers off the roads and behind bars.

Chronic DUI offender arrested, may be sentenced to 15 years in prison

Some offenders have just made a bad decision and know better. But there are some in whom the problem is deeply ingrained, and it doesn’t look like there is anything that society can do to keep them from making another asinine decision. One such person is 39-year old Roger W. Sallee from Gassville, Arkansas.

Roger W. Sallee cannot be trusted with the ability to drive a car

Sallee was arrested at a traffic stop in Springfield when it was discovered that he was inebriated, shockingly, arresting officers ran his records on their systems to find out that he had been charged and convicted six times for DUI in the past, as reported by news-leader.com. If convicted for the 7th time, Sallee is looking at a decade and a half in prison.

In Arkansas, police need probable cause to subject someone to sobriety testing. According to the probable cause report, Sallee deliberately tried to drive away from a police car when he noticed it on his tail. At this point, the officer turned his emergency lights on, pulled Sallee over and asked him to roll down his windows. The officer testifies that as soon as the windows were rolled down, there was a stench of alcohol.

He is currently being held in jail and his bond has been set at $20,000. Apart from being a chronic drunken driver, Sallee has also run in to trouble with other areas of the law. His records show that he has been previously arrested for stealing, burglary, and even terrorist threatening.

It is not currently clear whether he has a DUI attorney to represent him or if he will need to be appointed one by the state.

Family suffers while a DUI driver could walk free in a few months

45-year-old Daniel David Teconchuk was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 15 years on probation by a Marion County Circuit Court following a plea bargain. His conviction stems from a fatal DUI crash that seriously injured Dale and Karen Jones and their three children. Teconchuk was behind the wheel of a 1997 Ford Taurus when he collided with the Jones’ Ford Focus at the end of last year. With credit for time served, he could be out of jail by the end of the year, as reported by Thv11.com.

The collision had Jones’ car spin 180° before it hit the pavement and caught fire. Dale was thrown out of the car and was badly injured while one of his daughters, Anna, freed herself from the burning car. Incidentally, Teconchuk tried to make believe that his passenger was driving at the time of the accident in order to avoid being caught for driving while intoxicated for the third time. This type of behavior entices the DUI attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com to work even hard to make sure someone of this caliber pays the proper price.


Arkansas – DUI legislation

A DUI is a punishable criminal offense by law in Arkansas. According to Arkansas DUI attorneys, like most other states in the nation, a person is classified to be driving drunk or under the influence if he or she has a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more (An adult driving a non-commercial vehicle).

Sometimes, people are wrongfully charged of DUI, there are many reasons this happens and it is not an uncommon occurrence.

Breathalyzer machines maybe faulty or not calibrated, officers maybe inexperienced and not know how to conduct field sobriety tests accurately, etc. it is pivotal for people that have been charged with DUI unfairly to appoint an experienced and aggressive Arkansas DUI attorney and build a defense strategy to beat their DUI case conclusively. Otherwise they may be penalized with prison time, fines, and a long list of other consequences.