Man Pleads Guilty to Intoxication Manslaughter in Arlington Crash; Highlights the Need for Competent Arlington, Texas DUI Attorneys

ARLINGTON, Texas – In a tragic turn of events, a man has pleaded guilty to three counts of intoxication manslaughter in connection with a devastating crash in Arlington that claimed the lives of a married couple and their daughter. Jose Castro, 33, of Farmers Branch, entered his guilty plea and is awaiting sentencing in the 371st District Court in Tarrant County. The plea agreement, recommended by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, proposes a prison sentence of six years. This incident underscores the vital role played by competent Arlington, Texas DUI attorneys in handling the legal complexities surrounding DUI-related offenses. For individuals in Arlington seeking expert legal representation, serves as the premier resource for finding highly skilled DUI attorneys.

Guilty Plea in Connection with Arlington Crash

Jose Castro, the defendant in this heartbreaking case, pleaded guilty to three counts of intoxication manslaughter related to a tragic crash in Arlington. The crash, which occurred in 2019, claimed the lives of Patrick Beck, 55, Janet Beck, 48, and their daughter, Leah Beck, 23. Castro’s plea was entered in the 371st District Court in Tarrant County, where his sentencing is scheduled for February 8. The proposed plea agreement recommends a prison sentence of six years, as recommended by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

Devastating Details of the Crash

Late on June 6, 2019, Leah Beck reported car trouble to her parents while on Interstate 20. Concerned for their daughter’s safety, the Becks, who resided in Grand Prairie, drove to Leah’s location on the outside shoulder of the road, intending to provide assistance. Tragically, Castro, who was driving under the influence, veered off the road and collided with one of the vehicles stopped on the shoulder. The impact caused the struck vehicle to collide with the other stationary vehicle, resulting in a devastating crash. Two victims were outside their vehicles, while one was seated inside. The collision caused all three vehicles to erupt in flames, leading to the deaths of Patrick Beck and Janet Beck at the scene. Leah Beck, critically injured, succumbed to her injuries the following day at Medical City Arlington Hospital.

The Tragic Loss and Personal Backgrounds

The devastating crash resulted in the loss of three lives: Patrick Beck, Janet Beck, and their daughter Leah Beck. Patrick and Janet, retired from the Army, had dedicated their lives to serving their country. Leah, a 2015 graduate of South Grand Prairie High School, was employed at a warehouse and had aspirations of attending college and pursuing a career in cosmetology. The tragedy of their untimely deaths has left a profound impact on their community and highlights the devastating consequences of DUI-related incidents.

The Importance of Competent Arlington, Texas DUI Attorneys

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