Getting a DUI is going to ruin your day, and it’s going to cause you a lot of legal and personal problems if you aren’t proactive. You need to know what to what’s going to happen next so you can make an informed decision about your charges.

You are Going to Jail, But for How Long?

When a Pittsburgh officer arrests you for drunken or drugged driving, they are going to take you to the police station, take your fingerprints, get a mug shot and give you a breath or blood test. You will be held until police are finished booking you. They can only keep you for 24 hours if you haven’t been formally charged. If you cannot make bail, you may be in jail that entire time or longer if prosecutors decide to indict you. They have up to thirty days to charge you, but a judge may set bail and let you within few days of your arrest.

You can be released from jail for a DUI in Pennsylvania without a preliminary hearing or before you are officially charged, so how long you are held depends on how long it takes you to post bail or bond. Some DUI offenders are released on their recognizance, which means they pay no bail, but that is rare.

Most people can post bail and get out before their preliminary hearing. The amount of bail depends on the severity of your charges, so it’s hard to come up with an exact figure. If you cannot come up with a full amount, you can contact a bail bondsman and pay just a percentage of the total bail amount.

If you are a repeat offender or caused a fatal accident, you could be refused bail and will remain incarcerated until your trail. Under Pennsylvania law, prosecutors in Alleghany County have up to 365 days to schedule your court trial.

After being arrested for DUI in Pittsburgh, you could be taken to one of the following police stations:

Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 1

1501 Brighton Rd.,

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 2

2000 Centre Ave.,

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 3

830 E Warrington Ave.,

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 4 Station

5858 Northumberland St.,

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 5

1401 Washington Blvd.,

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Pittsburgh Inmate Locator:

Allegheny County Inmate Locator:

What if I’m Convicted? How Long Will I Spend in Jail?

The amount of time you spend in jail post-conviction depends on the details of your arrest and your blood level concentration. Pennsylvania has a three-tiered system to deal with DUIs:

General Impairment- 0.08 percent to 0.099 percent BAC

High BAC- 0.10 percent to 0.159 percent BAC

Highest BAC- 0.016 percent and higher

Once they receive blood test results, prosecutors will decide which level of DUI you should be charged. The penalties for each of the offense get worse the drunker you are. You must have the representation of a criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh to minimize the potential penalties of a drunk or drugged driving offense.

Jail Penalties for First, Second, and Third DUI in Pennsylvania include:

General Impairment- BAC 0.08 percent

First- no jail with six months of probation

Second-five days up to six months

Third- 10 days to two years


High BAC- BAC 0.10 -0.159 percent

First-48 hours to six months

Second-30 days to six months

Third-90 days to four years

Highest BAC- 0.016 percent and up

First-72 hours to six months

Second-90 day to five years

Third-one to five years

You’ll Lose Your License

A DUI arrest in Pittsburgh results in an immediate suspension of your driver’s license. You will not be allowed to drive until your case is resolved. You can petition the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles for permission to drive on a limited basis, but the criteria to get your license restored is decided on a case-by-case basis. You can get information about getting your license restored on

If convicted of drunken driving you could lose your driver’s license for the times listed below:

General Impairment- BAC 0.08 percent

First-No minimum license suspension

Second- 12-month license suspension

Third-12-month license suspension


High BAC- BAC 0.10 -0.159 percent

First-12-month license suspension

Second- 12-month license suspension

Third-18-month license suspension


Highest BAC- 0.016 percent and up

First-12-month license suspension

Second- 18-month license suspension

Third-18-month license suspension

Costs of DUI in Pennsylvania

Your DUI is going to be expensive, the fines for a first offense range between $300 and $5,000 depending on your BAC and other extenuating circumstances. But your fines are just the beginning; there will be many other out-of-pocket expenses including:

Getting your car out of impoundment

Court fees

Alcohol Highway Safety School

Probation fees

Drug or alcohol treatment

Reinstating your driver’s license

Ignition interlock device installation and maintenance

Increased insurance premiums

Legal defense fees

All the costs listed above add up, and by the time your case is resolved, you could shell out $10,000 or more over time. Those costs can be avoided by hiring a DUI attorney in Pittsburgh to develop a defense strategy the prosecution cannot overcome. can connect you with a dedicated and tenacious DUI lawyer to keep you from being convicted.

In case, you’re an immigrant; it is in your best interest to consult with an immigration attorney in Pennsylvania to talk about your DUI and figure out if it will affect your immigration status.