The average person drinks and drives at least 80 times before they are ever charged with drunk driving, according to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). For most Texans, a DWI arrest is the only time they’ll deal with an arrest or the justice system, and they have no idea what’s coming next. Contrary to what many people believe, a DWI is a big deal, and you face penalties from the get go.

You can be charged with a DWI in Texas if:

Your abilities are impaired because you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs whether illegal or prescription. Police are trained to detect signs of impairment in motorists, and their observations are enough to meet the probable cause standard for a DWI arrest.

Your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher when given a roadside breathalyzer.

If you refuse a breath test, you will be charged with violating the implied consent law which results in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license for 180 days.

The Harsh Realities of Your Lubbock DWI Arrest

When an officer says, “You’re under arrest,” you know you are going to jail but do you know what’s going to happen afterward? Did you know your license will be suspended immediately? Do you know the penalties you face if convicted? A DWI conviction has a long list of administrative and criminal penalties, along with being costly. It will remain on your record for ten years and will appear on public background checks.

How Do I Get Out of Jail?

After your arrest, you are going to be taken to a nearby jail, that may be a central lockup or a police station, where you will be booked, photographed for a mug shot, fingerprinted and given another breathalyzer. Before you are released, you must appear before a judge for a bail determination, so it you may have to wait until the next morning to find out the terms of your release.

Once your bail is determined, you can get the ball rolling on your release. If you can pay the entire bail amount, which can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands, that’s one option to get out.

Like most, you probably don’t have enough cash on hand to pay a high amount. In that case, whoever you have enlisted to help you post bail can contact a bonding agency. You will have to put 10 to 25 percent down, and the bond agent will pay the remainder. If your bail is high, $10,000 or more, the bond agent may ask you to put down additional collateral, like your car or home.

The bail process can be complicated and will be confusing for someone who has never gone through the process. A DWI attorney in Lubbock knows how to navigate the bail system, so they may be able to get you out sooner and get familiar with your case.

To find an inmate in Lubbock, TX, you can use this search tool:

Lubbock Police Department

916 Texas Ave.,

Lubbock, TX 79457


Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office

712 Broadway St.,

Lubbock, TX 79401

How Do I Get My Driver’s License Back?

As if spending the night in jail isn’t bad enough, your driver’s license will be seized. You will be given a “Notice of Suspension” which will act as a temporary driver’s license. To contest the suspension, you must request an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles 15 days from your arrest.

If you don’t file a request within 15 days, your license will remain suspended for 90 days with no driving privileges. Your license will remain suspended until there is a verdict in your case.

Texas Department of Public Safety – Driver License Office

1404 Lubbock Business Park Blvd #100,

Lubbock, TX 79403


DWI Penalties in Texas

Refusing a Breathalyzer- Implied Consent Violation

First DWI Offense

Jail: 3 days possible, up to 180 days

Fine: $2,000 plus court costs

Driver’s License: Suspension possible but not mandatory

Ignition Interlock Device: Possible


Second DWI Offense


Second DWI Offense

Jail: Possible one month up to one year

Fine: $4,000 plus court costs

Driver’s License: Suspension for two years; $2,000 annual surcharge to maintain license

Ignition Interlock Device: Possible

Other Penalties: Mandatory DWI education program

If you don’t understand the consequences of your DWI, you can’t make informed decisions about your case. recommends you speak to a criminal defense attorney in Texas as early as possible, so they can begin gathering evidence and developing a defense strategy. You need an attorney working on your case if you want to stop a DWI convention.

Immigrants facing a DWI charge not only have to deal with the legal aspects of their charge, but they also need to worry about the implications an impaired driving arrest or conviction will have on their immigration status. We recommend you speak with an immigration attorney to see if you are in danger of being deported because of your DWI.