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Penalties for Refusing a Chemical Test in Jackson, MS

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Florida drivers with a DUI will face penalties from both the criminal courts and DMV

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Will a DWI arrest in Eaton County, Michigan result in an offender losing their job?

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Drivers may be stopped and charged with DUI in Florida based on certain behaviors

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Fort Myers drivers convicted of a DUI charge will have to serve a minimum sentence

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Florida driver was charged with manslaughter months after a DUI accident

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Was drunk driving the reason for a young man’s death near White Plains New York?

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Labor Day DUI arrests down from last year, but still too many for San Diego area.

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Under What Conditions Can I be Charged with Driving Under the Influence in Fort Meyers, Florida?

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Florida Man Charged With DUI For Riding a Lawnmower on Highway

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Destin drivers should be careful to avoid serious drunk driving penalties

January 30, 2020/by DAMG

Miami rapper Trick Daddy arrested for DUI outside of a local nightclub

January 12, 2020/by DAMG

St. Petersburg, FL, Will a DUI impact my child custody case?

December 31, 2019/by DAMG

Woodbridge, VA, What are the penalties for resisting arrest during a DUI traffic stop?

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Miami, FL, How likely is jail time for a first-time DUI offender?

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Opelika Alabama drivers charged with DUI will be affected by new Lee County penalties

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Fort Walton Beach DUI checkpoints planned to locate and arrest impaired drivers

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Omaha area driver gets busted for DUI in a fast food drive thru

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Alabama, What Consequences Will I Have to Face After I Am Found Guilty of DUI?

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Lansing, Michigan, What Are Possible Alternatives to Drunk Driving?

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Alabama, Will a conviction stemming from a drunk driving accident permanently stain my record?

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Live Oak, Florida, What Is a Field Sobriety Test?

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Clearwater, Florida, What Defenses Can I Use in My DUI Case?

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Poughkeepsie New York area considers the consequences of recreational marijuana, including more DUI arrests

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St. Petersburg, Florida, How Can I Get My License Reinstated After a First-Time DUI Offense?

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Fort Lauderdale area police stop an officer from another department and charge him with DUI

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Gastonia, NC, How does the State of North Carolina Sentence DWI offenders who cause a car accident?

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St. Petersburg Florida area police employee loses her job after being arrested and charged with DUI

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Houston, Texas, What Needs to Be Proven for Me to Get Convicted of DWI?

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Miami, Florida, Will My DUI Charge Remain on My Record Permanently?

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Tampa, Florida, What Legal Penalties Will I Face After a Dui Accident?

December 5, 2019/by DAMG

Alabama, Will I have to get an ignition interlock device installed inside my vehicle if I was charged with DUI after I caused an accident?

December 4, 2019/by DAMG

Tulsa Oklahoma drivers should be mindful of why they are stopped at the beginning of DUI investigation

December 4, 2019/by DAMG

Miami Florida, Do I Have to Undertake Community Service If I Am Arrested for DUI?

December 4, 2019/by DAMG

Poughkeepsie, New York, What Happens If I Am Convicted of a Third DUI?

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What laws impact DUI offenders and accident victims in Edinburg Texas?

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Will child custody be affected when one of the parents gets a DUI in St. Louis MO?

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What kind of legal problems stem from a DUI in Largo Florida?

December 3, 2019/by DAMG

Houston drivers should retain a defense attorney if charged with DWI and other crimes during the same incident

December 3, 2019/by DAMG

If I file legal action, can a driver lose their job after a DUI accident in Miami Florida?

December 3, 2019/by DAMG

Port ST. Lucie, Florida, Will My License Be Suspended Immediately If I Am Caught DUI?

December 2, 2019/by DAMG

Edinberg, Texas, Am I Allowed to Decline a Field Sobriety Test?

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Hamilton Ohio area increases drunk driving enforcement efforts after tragic death of a young father

November 22, 2019/by DAMG

What negative impacts will a DUI in Woodbridge Virginia cause me in the future?

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Baton Rouge, LA, What Is the Penalty for Underage DUI?

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Poughkeepsie, NY, Will I Be Charged with a Felony for Driving Under the Influence?

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, What Expenses Will I Incur If I Am Caught DUI?

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What impact does a DUI have on a wrongful death case in San Diego California?

November 20, 2019/by DAMG

In Brooklyn NY, what charges may occur when DWI crash with minor in the car leads to death of cyclist?

November 19, 2019/by DAMG

Cocoa Florida man gets arrested for drunk driving while transporting exotic animals

November 19, 2019/by DAMG

Chino, CA, What civil liabilities might I face if I caused a drunk driving accident?

November 19, 2019/by DAMG

What happens after a person is arrested for DUI causing injury to another in Denver Colorado?

November 18, 2019/by DAMG

Rifle Colorado area plans to increase enforcement of DUI laws

November 18, 2019/by DAMG

Tampa area drivers will face serious consequences if charged with DUI resulting in property damage

November 15, 2019/by DAMG

DUI is cited as cause for driver injury and extensive property damage to a home near Chicago Illinois.

November 14, 2019/by DAMG

Houston drunk driver faces multiple charges after killing horses during accident

November 14, 2019/by DAMG

St. Louis drunk driver crashes into night club and sustains injuries

November 13, 2019/by DAMG

Fort Walton Beach police find an officer from another Florida department driving drunk on their roads

November 13, 2019/by DAMG

How important is hiring a good defense attorney for a DUI charge in Largo Florida?

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How serious is an underage DUI charge near Fort Lauderdale Florida?

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Will I need new insurance after a DUI charge in San Antonio Texas?

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Lumberton drunk driver kills two in accident. What sentence will this person receive?

October 11, 2019/by DAMG

Fort Walton Beach drivers charged with DUI must know this important rule

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Can I Apply for Driving Privileges If I Am Convicted of DUI in Knoxville, TN?

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What are some particular rules in Clinton County Michigan related to drunk driving offenses?

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Will I Go to Jail for DUI in Daytona Beach, Florida?

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When Will I Be Released After Being Arrested for DUI in Naples, Florida?

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Will an OWI in Eaton County Michigan damage my professional future?

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How Much Can I Be Charged for a DUI Accident in Miami Florida?

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How do DUI lawyers defend against additional charges in Destin?

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How do Michigan Police Determine When to Charge a Driver with DUI?

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Can Passengers Be Charged with DUI in Boca Raton, FL?

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What is the process for a DUI arrest in Michigan?

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What impact will an OWI charge in Okemos Michigan have on my future?

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What will happen to someone convicted of driving under the influence in Fort Walton Beach Florida?

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What are the differences between federal crimes and state crimes in Jackson Mississippi?

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How Much Will a Drunk Driving Accident Cost Me in the State of Texas?

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How should I deal with insurance issues following a DUI case in Jacksonville Florida?

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What Should I do if I Think the Breathalyzer Test I Took After Being Stopped by a Fort Lauderdale, FL Police Officer Produced an Inaccurate Reading?

June 23, 2019/by DAMG