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Kentucky State Senator Busted for Drunk Driving

January 8, 2015/by DAMG

Bellville Man Convicted for Vehicular Homicide May get an Early Release

January 8, 2015/by DAMG

Harsher DUI Laws Now In Effect for Louisiana Motorists

January 7, 2015/by DAMG

Officers Accused of Violating Fourth Amendment Rights with Illegal Strip Searches

January 7, 2015/by DAMG

Oklahoma Senator Proposes Law That Would It a Crime for DUI Offenders to Purchase Alcohol

January 6, 2015/by DAMG

Man Arrested for Sixteenth DWI while the New Year Sparks Off Spate of New Mexico DUI Arrests

January 6, 2015/by DAMG

North Dakota’s Tough DUI Law Means More People in Jails, DUI Arrests Down

January 5, 2015/by DAMG

Trucker and a School Principal Face DUI Charges in Separate Incidents

January 5, 2015/by DAMG

Tennessee Sheriff Deputy Fired after DUI Crash Involving His 6 Year-old Son

January 2, 2015/by DAMG

Central Pennsylvania Man Sentenced for Fatal Accident Involving Pennsylvania Fire Chief

January 2, 2015/by DAMG

Interlock system and license revocation – are there better solutions?

December 31, 2014/by DAMG

Sheriff Arrested for DUI and Hit and Run; Judge Questions Arrest

December 30, 2014/by DAMG

South Carolina Sheriff Arrested For DUI after Fleeing the Scene of Accident

December 30, 2014/by DAMG

Survey: Americans See Drugged and Drunken Driving Differently

December 29, 2014/by DAMG

Coach of Cheerleading Team Arrested for Drinking and Driving

December 29, 2014/by DAMG

Study Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol Can Lead to Drunken Driving

December 26, 2014/by DAMG

Two Arrested on DUI Charges in One-Car Crash

December 26, 2014/by DAMG

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s Son Arrested for DWI in Virginia Beach

December 23, 2014/by DAMG

Atlanta DUI: One Man Facing DUI Charges after Causing Accident

December 22, 2014/by DAMG

Senator Ordered by Mississippi Judge to Install Ignition Interlock Device

December 22, 2014/by DAMG

Families of South by Southwest Victims File Lawsuits against Organizers

December 19, 2014/by DAMG

Texas Lawmakers Target “Affluenza” as Defense in DWI Cases

December 19, 2014/by DAMG

Idaho Supreme Court Gives Win to Reluctant DUI Suspects

December 18, 2014/by DAMG

Drunk Driver in Alhambra Crash Charged with Felony DUI Charges

December 18, 2014/by DAMG

DUI Trial for Broward County Judge Begins

December 17, 2014/by DAMG

Two Day DUI Trial Begins in Broward for Judge Imperato’s

December 17, 2014/by DAMG

New Mexico Launches Smart Phone App to Curb DWIs

December 16, 2014/by DAMG

Missouri Cannabis Activists File Ballot Petition to Remove Age Norms, DUI Laws Pertaining to Medical Marijuana Use

December 16, 2014/by DAMG

Drunken Driver Plows into Crowd Gathered for Christmas Light Display

December 15, 2014/by DAMG

Prosecutors Petition against Kingston Attorney Arrested for Serial DUI in Pennsylvania

December 15, 2014/by DAMG

New Alabama Laws Means Tougher Penalties for Drunken Drivers

December 12, 2014/by DAMG

Rhode Island Sentenced to 25 Years Behind Bars for Killing Girlfriend in DUI Accident

December 12, 2014/by DAMG

Missouri Holiday DWI Crackdown Begins This Week

December 11, 2014/by DAMG

Florida’s Ban on Texting While Driving needs some Changes

December 11, 2014/by DAMG

Detroit Lions’ Nick Fairley Rejects Plea Bargain for Alabama DUI

December 10, 2014/by DAMG

16 DUIs and Still Standing in Colorado

December 10, 2014/by DAMG

American University Developing Marijuana Breath Test

December 9, 2014/by DAMG

Biomarker Tests the New Way to Monitor Repeat DUI Offenders

December 9, 2014/by DAMG

Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell Agrees to Plea Deal for Marijuana DUI

December 4, 2014/by DAMG

Texas Court Strikes Down Warrantless Blood Draw for DWI

December 3, 2014/by DAMG

Johnny Menziel’s “Bodyguard” Busted for Drunk Driving and Other DUI News

December 1, 2014/by DAMG

Things You Should Know If You’re Stopped for DUI in Pennsylvania

November 26, 2014/by DAMG

Drugged Driver in California Kills Elderly Woman in Parking Lot

November 25, 2014/by DAMG

Tennessee Man Charged with DUI after Fatal Accident

November 24, 2014/by DAMG

Pennsylvania Police Ramping Up DUI Enforcement for the Holidays

November 21, 2014/by DAMG

Survey Shows People Are More Aware of the Dangers of Drunk Driving

November 20, 2014/by DAMG

Civil Forfeitures for New Mexico DWI Under Fire

November 19, 2014/by DAMG

Families of Girls Slain in DUI Accident on Sawgrass Parkway Hold Safety Event on Anniversary of Crash

November 18, 2014/by DAMG

Mississippi’s New DUI Penalties in Effect

November 17, 2014/by DAMG

Connecticut Firefighter Three Times the Legal Limit Causes Accident

November 14, 2014/by DAMG

TLC’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Arrested on Suspicion of DWI

November 13, 2014/by DAMG

Drunken Alabama Man Arrested for Driving Tractor to Buy Beer

November 12, 2014/by DAMG

Farmington Police Poised to Beat DUI Arrest Records

November 11, 2014/by DAMG

Tarrant County, Texas, Now Counts Halloween as a ‘no-refusal’ Holiday

November 7, 2014/by DAMG

Goodman’s Second Trial Ends in Defeat; Attorneys to Appeal again for Third Chance

November 6, 2014/by DAMG

Tennessee Man Accused in I-75 Crash that Killed Two

November 5, 2014/by DAMG

Bogota Councilman has Second Run-In with the Law after DWI Last Year

November 4, 2014/by DAMG

Heinous Criminal Mookie Blaylock Sentenced to Prison; Enters Plea Deal to Reduce Term

November 3, 2014/by DAMG

Second Vonroe Teacher Arrested for DUI in Less than a Month

October 31, 2014/by DAMG

Family Killed on I-40 in Tennessee: Still Many Questions are Looming

October 31, 2014/by DAMG

Mississippi Man gets 25 Years in Jail for the 2012 DUI Crime that Killed Three

October 30, 2014/by DAMG

Bristol Man Crashes with Bicyclist; Booked for DUI

October 29, 2014/by DAMG

Emma’s Law Toughens DUI Punishments in South Carolina

October 28, 2014/by DAMG

Teen Charged with Vehicular Homicide for Crash near Hatch

October 27, 2014/by DAMG

Ratted Out by Your Own Car!

October 24, 2014/by DAMG

Panola County DUI Case Finally Sees an Arrest after a Year

October 23, 2014/by DAMG

Hunting Season Starts in Oregon; State Prepares for Spike in DUI Arrests

October 22, 2014/by DAMG

Daytona Beach Commissioner Embroiled in a Possible DUI and Assault

October 21, 2014/by DAMG

Murrieta Firefighter Caught in DUI Crash Offers Apology to Victims

October 20, 2014/by DAMG

Cobb County Jail Inmate Indicted on Three Felony Counts for Ebola Scare

October 17, 2014/by DAMG

Street Racing Felon Back in Jail for Drunken Driving Offense

October 16, 2014/by DAMG

Judges Grant DUI Attorneys in Florida Access to the Intoxilyzer Source Code

October 15, 2014/by DAMG

New Drunk Driving Laws in Mississippi Bring Hope for First-Time Offenders

October 14, 2014/by DAMG

Minnesota has more to Worry about than the Vikings

October 13, 2014/by DAMG

Hurricanes Reporter Suspended Following DUI Charge

October 10, 2014/by DAMG

Vandergrift Man Found Guilty in Fatal DUI Crash

October 9, 2014/by DAMG

Amherst Woman Sentenced to Six Years for Causing DUI Related Death

October 8, 2014/by DAMG

Swimmer Phelps Charged with a DUI in Baltimore, Maryland

October 6, 2014/by DAMG

Review of the Latest Laws and Penalties for Drunk Driving in New York

October 5, 2014/by DAMG

Rochester Man Charged with Vehicular Homicide for Killing 9 Year Old in DUI Accident

October 3, 2014/by DAMG

A Vehicle Owned by a North Dakota Tax Commissioner is Involved in a DUI Crash

October 3, 2014/by DAMG

The Rebirth of Lower Greenville

October 1, 2014/by DAMG

Olympian Michael Phelps Busted for His Second DUI in Baltimore

September 30, 2014/by DAMG

Celebrities and Athletes Continue Trend of Being Arrested for DUI

September 30, 2014/by DAMG

Rapid City Teenage Drunken Driving Remains a Prevalent Issue

September 29, 2014/by DAMG

Philip Cho Termed a Coward by the Victim’s Father After Abandoining Scene of the DUI Related Crash

September 26, 2014/by DAMG

Man Accused of Killing Three in a DUI Crash not to be Put on Trial

September 25, 2014/by DAMG

Reno Police sergeant caught for DUI back to work without conviction. How?

September 24, 2014/by DAMG

Remembering Emma

September 23, 2014/by DAMG

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana as Serious an Issue as Alcohol in Washington

September 22, 2014/by DAMG