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Boston Red Sox Prospective Pitcher Britton Arrested for Drunk Driving

March 7, 2013/by DAMG

Drunken Driver Causes Multiple Crashes in Fort Lauderdale-Area

March 5, 2013/by DAMG

Bobby Brown Gets Jail Time Following Third DUI Arrest

February 27, 2013/by DAMG

Ohio Bartender Fired For Turning in Drunk Driver

February 25, 2013/by DAMG

Former “Melrose Place” Actress Sentenced for Fatal Drunk Driving Accident, Prosecution Plans Appeal

February 21, 2013/by DAMG

Florida Party Princess Charged With DUI Manslaughter Following Gruesome Hit-and-Run

February 19, 2013/by DAMG

Suspension of Breathalyzer Tests Raises Concerns in Philadelphia

February 13, 2013/by DAMG

Kentucky Lawmakers Seek to End Shock Probation for Fatal DUI Offenders

February 11, 2013/by DAMG

Georgia Man Says Aliens Transported Him from DUI Crash Site, and Other Interesting Excuses

February 6, 2013/by DAMG

A Blackout isn’t the Only Problem with the Super Bowl, Drunk Driving Is Too

February 4, 2013/by DAMG

Florida Shock Jock Attorney Blames DUI on “Honey Trap”

January 29, 2013/by DAMG

Dallas Cowboys’ Raitliff Arrested For DWI After Accident, Is the NFL Policy Too Lenient?

January 25, 2013/by DAMG

Nude Woman Charged With DUI in Northwestern New Jersey

January 22, 2013/by DAMG

Las Vegas- area Police Officer Arrested for DUI, How Does This Charge Affect My Employment?

January 21, 2013/by DAMG

First Marijuana “Green” DUI Law in Works for Washington State

January 17, 2013/by DAMG

Women Behaving Badly; Florida Driver Bribes Officer with Sexual Favors, Are DUIs Increasing Among Women?

January 15, 2013/by DAMG

D.C. Mayor Approves Changes to DUI Laws, Requires Ignition Interlock for First Offenders

January 11, 2013/by DAMG

Supreme Court Tests Legality of Warrantless Blood Tests for Suspected DUI Offenders

January 9, 2013/by DAMG

Lawsuit Alleges Utah Trooper Falsified Numerous DUI arrests, What Can a Driver Do?

January 4, 2013/by DAMG

Arizona Police Make Over 4,000 DUI Arrests Over the Holidays; How Much Does a DUI Cost?

January 2, 2013/by DAMG

Newsman Sam Donaldson Arraigned on DUI Charges Today; Increased Holiday Patrols Begin This Weekend

December 21, 2012/by DAMG

Two Off-Duty Seattle Police Officers Arrested For DUI and Hit-and-Run, Will They Get Preferential Treatment?

December 18, 2012/by DAMG

Actress Sally Struthers Pleads Not Guilty to DUI, What are the Possible Defense Strategies for Beating a Conviction?

December 14, 2012/by DAMG

Ignition Interlock Devices for First-time DUI Offenders? NTSB Thinks It Should be a Requirement

December 12, 2012/by DAMG

Dallas Cowboys’ Josh Brent Facing DUI Manslaughter after Teammate Dies; Does the NFL have a DUI problem?

December 10, 2012/by DAMG

Florida Man Charged for Fatal DUI and Fleeing the Scene, How Many People are Killed by Drunk Drivers on an Annual Basis

December 7, 2012/by DAMG

High Tourist Charged With Intoxicated Driving in Colorado after Passing Out in Front Police Station, What is the Standard for Marijuana DUI?

December 5, 2012/by DAMG

Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal DUI, What are the Consequences for Intoxicated Driving in the State?

December 3, 2012/by DAMG

Georgia Police Officers Shoot and Kill Repeat DUI Offender in Mall Parking Lot

November 30, 2012/by DAMG

Tennessee Man Hides in Hospital Ceiling to Avoid DUI Arrest

November 26, 2012/by DAMG

Traveling For Thanksgiving? Be Warned; Repeat DUI Violations Jump During the Holidays

November 21, 2012/by DAMG

California Teen Injures Six in DUI- Related Accident, What is he Charged With?

November 20, 2012/by DAMG

Church or Jail? Oklahoma Man Gets Unusual Sentence for DUI Conviction

November 19, 2012/by DAMG

Ohio Man Arrested for DUI Twice at the Same Time in One Day How is that Possible?

November 15, 2012/by DAMG

Red Wings’ Sheahan Charged with DUI and Giving False Information to Police

November 14, 2012/by DAMG

What is That Smell? Virginia Police Arrest Man for DUI and Discover a Dead Skunk

November 13, 2012/by DAMG

Atlanta Fox News Anchor Amanda Davis Arrested for DUI Following a Wrong-Way Accident

November 12, 2012/by DAMG

Another Athlete Busted for DUI? Yep, This Time it’s the LA Laker’s Guard Eubanks

November 9, 2012/by DAMG

Washington State and Colorado Legalize Marijuana, What Does this Mean for DUIs?

November 8, 2012/by DAMG

Virginia Man with 12th DUI Gets 7 Year Jail Sentence, But Is That Enough?

November 7, 2012/by DAMG

Oklahoma Pilot Arrested for Carjacking and DUI at Seattle Airport

November 6, 2012/by DAMG

X-Factor Contestant Arrested for DUI in Florida, How Will She Plead?

November 6, 2012/by DAMG

Illinois Man with 15 DUIs used False Identities to Keep Driving And Fool Police

November 2, 2012/by DAMG

Alabama Police Respond to Shooting But Find a DUI Zombie Instead

November 1, 2012/by DAMG

Wyoming Lawmaker Gets Hammered With Political Ads over Previous DUI Arrest, Is this Right?

October 31, 2012/by DAMG

Florida Man Facing DUI after Crashing Into Fire Truck Responding to an Emergency

October 30, 2012/by DAMG

Florida Drunk Driver Rams Police Officer into Gas Pumps Then Flees, What charges is he Facing?

October 29, 2012/by DAMG

How is This Possible? Minnesota Man Free After 27 DUI Arrests

October 26, 2012/by DAMG