Atlanta, GA- Police in the Atlanta suburb of Snellville arrested a driver with a ridiculously high BAC after he caused a traffic accident on St. Patrick’s Day. And police didn’t hesitate to express their outrage via social media.

Around 9 p.m. a female motorist was attempting to make a left turn at Ronald Reagan and Ga 124. She had the green turn arrow, as witnesses confirmed, but a driver ran the red light and plowed right into her. Luckily, the woman who was struck was not seriously injured, NBC 11 reported.

The driver, however, was SERIOUSLY blitzed. Police say that Frederick Lewis Campbell admitted to having a couple of drinks and exhibited the tell-tale signs of intoxication. He was unable to stand and had to lean against his car for support so police were pretty certain he was intoxicated, but they got quite a surprise when we took the breathalyzer.

Campbell was far too inebriated to even perform field sobriety tests.

The first time Campbell blew in the breathalyzer his BAC was .344. A second test pegged his BAC at .347. That is four times the legal limit! Four times! That’s just outrageous. So, naturally, police placed him under arrest.

One officer told NBC that most people would be passed out with such a high BAC so it looks like Campbell is a pro.

But placing Campbell under arrest was not enough for the Snellville police. They were so shocked by his BAC they took to Facebook to express their outrage. This what they wrote, according to NBC 11: “When will it stop folks? Tonight we worked an accident where the driver blew more than 4 times the legal limit. Thank God no one had life threatening injuries. .35 bac is not a (sic) honest mistake.”

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Another factor that will influence your penalties is whether or not you were involved in an accident. In this case, the accident was minor and no one was hurt, but many DUI accidents end tragically, and the offender will be facing more dire consequences than they realize.

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