Atlanta, GA-Law enforcement agencies across Georgia were out in force over the weekend to keep drunken drivers off the roads. Between the number of extra patrol cars and sobriety check points, police made a number of arrests and will continue to do so throughout the holidays.

One of those arrests resulted from an accident that occurred on 1-85 near the Suwanee Road exit around 10 a.m. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a man driving a SUV lost control. The vehicle overturned several times and ejected two passengers.

One of those passengers suffered life-threatening injuries.

Police later arrested the driver but did not release their or the passenger’s names.

Being drunk or under the influence of drugs and causing an accident has numerous legal repercussions. For one, when an injury or death is the result of drunken driving accident, the driver responsible will not only face possible criminal charges but could also face civil litigation.

Depending on the circumstances, a person who causes an accident involving injury or death could be facing some serious jail time. For instance, the maximum penalty for a vehicular homicide charge is 15 years in jail. With so much at stake, any person charged with a DUI accident needs to reach out to an Atlanta DUI attorney immediately to work on their defense.

A DUI conviction can result in a jail sentence, loss of driving privileges and costly fines. Convicted offenders have to attend DUI assessment course and many are required to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. All of those expenses come out of the offender’s pocket. Overtime, a DUI conviction can cost a person several thousand dollars if they don’t take the steps to stop it.

While is in the interest of public safety to keep drunken drivers off of the road, any person accused of driving under the influence must have an effective defense. An attorney understands the consequences a conviction entails and will help their clients understand what’s at stake before they decide how to proceed. You need to understand what’s in store for you if you are convicted so you can decide the best approach for you to take in your case.

Whether you are a facing a first-time DUI charge or a subsequent offense, you need to be proactive and reach out to a DUI attorney immediately. They will examine the facts of your case and determine if you’ll be better served by accepting a plea bargain or if you’ll fare better by pursuing your case in court. Each case is different so you need someone with an eye for detail and

Before you make ANY decisions about your DUI case speak with one of our DUI attorneys serving the Atlanta area so you can minimize the possible consequences. There is more to a DUI than just the actual costs, a conviction for this charge can have long-term effects on a person’s future and their chosen careers. A criminal record, regardless of minor a charge might appear, can be burden for years to come.