Atlanta DUI Lawyer William C. “Bubba” Head is widely recognized as Georgia’s leading authority on Georgia DUI laws and litigating DUI arrest cases. He is based in a busy north suburb of Atlanta, near where Interstate 285 and Georgia Highway 400 cross. Every criminal defense attorney in his law office is rated 10.0 (highest possible ranking). Mr. Head and the Atlanta DUI lawyers in his office have over 125 years of total legal experience in Georgia. This team includes an ex-prosecutor, and ex-cop and an ex-judge, and the average legal experience level is over one quarter of a century.
From his metro Atlanta area office, Mr. Head also leads, a Georgia, statewide affiliate network of superb-rated local GA DUI lawyers practicing in 20 cities across Georgia. Mr. Head works with these fine drunk driving defense attorneys (averaging nearly 25 years of law practice each). Mr. Head sometimes handles complex felony DUI or other criminal cases (from vehicular homicide to murder) and serious traffic offense cases like hit and run, serious injury by vehicle or reckless driving with these hand-picked top local DUI lawyers. Mr. Head and his firm’s DUI lawyers have appeared in criminal courts all across Georgia including weekly at the busiest DUI Court in the state –Atlanta.
Mr. Head’s DUI law firm covers Atlanta and a 60 mile radius around the capital city, including the busiest of all Georgia courts – the Atlanta Municipal Court. We are there every day that Municipal Court of Atlanta is in session, to help citizens who were arrested for DUI and given a court date between 12 and 72 hours later! WE CAN COVER ATLANTA Municipal COURT without you needing to be present.
Below is a short list of Mr. Head’s unparalleled achievements, awards, certifications and accolades:
To find the best DUI attorney in your state and city Court location, five fairly neutral, national legal credential rating services (DUI attorney ranking services) have maintained their objectivity and not “cheapened” or diluted their rating criteria for naming the highest tier of DUI attorneys. In order of MOST selective, the directories are:
1. Best Lawyers in America – Look for the best DUI attorneys and each potential candidate should be in a Tier 1 firm.
2. A Martindale-Hubbell ranking of “av” and “preeminent”, which signifies the highest ethical standards and law practice ability of the best DUI lawyers.
3. Super Lawyers – In most states, this directory has been in place naming the top DUI lawyers for over a decade, so look for someone who has consistently been listed as a Super Lawyer of a Rising Star MULTIPLE times in a row. Mr. Head has been named to Georgia Super Lawyers as an Atlanta Super Lawyer for all 12 years that Super Lawyers has existed.
4. Has the Georgia DUI lawyer been an invited legal seminar speaker and often is the person chairing the seminar? It is not unusual for the driving under the influence attorney to have a dozen or more lecture engagements in the last 5 years. In 39 years, Atlanta DUI Attorney Bubba Head has spoken or chaired (or both) over 300 DUI law programs.
5. Is the attorney a published DUI book author by a national or regional publishing company? The big publishers screen carefully because producing a book costs them tens of thousands for editing and layout for each new edition. Mr. Head has been a published book author since 1991, and has 12 books to his credit as author or co-author.
Other noteworthy legal achievements;
Life Member of NACDL (National criminal defense lawyers group) for two decades
Life Member of GACDL (Georgia’s premier criminal defense attorneys group) for over 20 years.
Founder and former Regent of the National College of DUI Defense.
Board certified in DUI-Criminal law by (through ABA oversight).
Copyright holder on two DUI law and criminal defense law videos
Invited expert or program guest in over 100 television and radio broadcasts since 1990.

Next, look up the attorneys’ on-line written materials and any published YouTube videos. Mr. Head has produced over 500 of these informational DUI videos. Topics include DUI checkpoints in GA, penalties for DUI, consequences of DUI drugs, marijuana possession, beating the breathalyzer test in Georgia as well as driver license suspension issues in GA. These Web materials can give you a better idea of the person being knowledgeable and THE legal authority in the field of drunk driving defense and drugged driving defense in Georgia. If you are planning to FIGHT your Atlanta DUI charges, put in keyword queries such as “best DUI breath test attorney in Atlanta” (or in YOUR CITY] Georgia. In other words, research what your criminal attorney has done in fighting YOUR specific type of DUI charge in your court location. Other key words: “best DUI blood test lawyer in Atlanta” or “DUI drugs lawyer in Atlanta”, etc.
Narrow your search for the best Atlanta criminal lawyer to “match” your expectations to two or three, and meet them (if you can), to judge each DUI attorneys’ empathy level, “curb appeal” and his or her personal credibility. If you STILL can’t decide whom to hire, go to your Court before your scheduled court date and ask around who is the best DUI attorney in Atlanta (or the city where you were arrested). It will be Mr. Head or one of his affiliated DUI attorneys the majority of times that you ask.
One important note: don’t expect the best Atlanta DUI lawyers to charge what a novice criminal defense attorney might quote you for fees. Supply and demand exists in the legal field, too. The best DUI lawyers in any major city like Atlanta must limit their cases load, because many of their cases are CONTESTED (have to be fought out in court). The handful of preeminent Atlanta DUI attorneys would be overwhelmed and would dilute their effectiveness and success rates by taking on too many DUI cases.
In addition to Mr. Head’s Atlanta DUI attorney office, his affiliates’ 19 other Georgia office locations are in these Georgia cities:
St. Simons Island
Contact Mr. Head’s office at 404-567-5515 or TOLL FREE at 888-DUI-HEAD [888-384-4323] or email him at [email protected]