Over 20,000 people are arrested for DUI in Maryland every year. This was not discussed in the amazing show The Wire but it does not mean it is not vital! This is far too many people who chose to put themselves at risk and others. Or, Baltimore is a broke city, which it is, and perhaps 35% of these DUI tickets were written basically because the city has been mismanaged for decades.

Democrats have ruined another American city just like they are doing with Chicago and so many others. But this does not mean people should drink and drive and that too many people in Baltimore are making incorrect lifestyle choices. Don’t drink and drive, do not put yourself in this position!

Moreover, there are over 180 fatal accidents where at least one driver had a BAC of .08% or above. That said, DUI charges are still often challengeable and even beatable.

However, in certain cases where the evidence against the suspect is just too strong and insurmountable, then the defendant may be better off pleading guilty to the charge. This is the potentially the best way to save the trouble and expenses involved in challenging the charge and attempting to defend against it.

Cases where your conviction for a DUI is almost certain

According to legal representatives in Maryland, and some of the best can be gleamed off the user friendly website USAttorneys.com which never takes a break from helping people who are in a legal conundrum, who have helped others beat their DUI charges, there are specific cases where fighting the charge is futile and the better option would be to just plead guilty and strike a plea deal with the prosecution. So when is a conviction likely and when is it an astute idea to just plead guilty to a DUI charge?

Cases where the blood alcohol content is too high – Generally, in most states, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or over is considered legally as driving under the influence. Though when a person is charged with DUI and his or her BAC is 0.08% BAC or just marginally over that number, then there is a profound chance of having the breathalyzer test result invalidated from being used as evidence.

Your lawyer will usually argue about the accuracy of the breathalyzer machine or bring up the scientifically proven point that breathalyzer machines measure breath alcohol levels and not blood alcohol levels.

In Maryland, before a DUI suspect is requested to blow into a breathalyzer machine he or she must be fully advised of their rights under Maryland Transportation Law Article 16-205.1, which are known as the DR-15 rights. This includes a form, which must be read or given to the suspect to read by the investigating officers.

However, when your BAC recorded is way over the limit (two or three folds the maximum limit in some cases) any argument about the accuracy of the test is a moot point. When your BAC is high, your legal counselor may actually recommend that the best course of action is to plead guilty to the charge and try to strike a plea deal instead of trying to defend yourself and losing.

When other evidence against you is undeniable – Even in cases where your BAC was at 0.08% or just over, you may still find yourself in a predicament where you cannot defend yourself because of other over whelming evidence against you such as very poor field sobriety tests, officer testimonies, and self-incriminating statements you may have made during your arrest, and so forth.

No matter what, listen to your legal pro. You hired them for a reason!

Why you need a DUI lawyer?

To understand the odds of you defeating the prosecution in your DUI case, you can only get a realistic picture if you reach out to a Maryland DUI lawyer who will look into the details of your case and the different factors at play.