An early judicial release for a 44 year old Belville man convicted of vehicular homicide looks possible. Defense attorney Larry Zukerman has filed a motion for early release of his client, Cory Jackson, in Morrow County Common Pleas Court.

Would Zukerman do the same if one of his family members was killed by this repeated drunk driver?

The Fatal DUI Accident

Jackson was sentenced to four years of prison in April 2014 after a two vehicle crash that killed 73 year old Paul Nauman, on Ohio 314, north of Ohio 95 in Morrow County. The crash occurred on Nov. 17th, 2011 in which Paul’s wife, Pat, was also injured in this accident. Jackson’s blood alcohol level was 0.18, which according to Columbus Ohio DUI attorneys is twice the legal limit in Ohio.

He pleaded guilty on charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol. Along with the sentence, Jackson’s license was suspended for 40 years in addition to a fine of $10,000 imposed by Judge Howard Hall.

Four years for killing someone? Incredible.

Judge’s Discretion or Crowded Prisons

Morrow County Prosecutor, Charles Howland said that it all came down to the discretion of the judge. Jackson was sentenced for less than five years and hence eligible for judicial release after six months. According to the prosecutor, this was driven by overcrowded prison conditions. Some people believe if America executed more prisoners this would not be the case.

Jackson’s attorney, Larry Zukerman said that his client had spent a considerable time in prison and had been productive, adding that it was time for him to return to society. The accused is housed at Chillicothe Correctional Institution and is working as a laborer. Zukerman obviously only thinks about his checking account and not about the family that lost an innocent loved one according to many people who live in the area.

The Victim’s Family Speaks Out against the Early Release

Paul Nauman’s family spoke out against Jackson’s possible early release. Roger Nauman, one of the victim’s sons, described the early release as a slap in the face and that his dad was worth more than eight months. Nauman’s family had spent an agonizing two and a half years before the case went to trial, according to Kim Mast, Nauman’s daughter, adding that they had to have a lot of patience, after which they wouldn’t like to see Jackson a free man so soon.

At his sentencing, Jackson said that he would want to teach others what drinking and driving can do and that he would make a difference when released.


According to Kim Mast, the family believed Jackson would serve his full sentence. She also said they felt cheated and taken for fools. Neither did she feel that Jackson was sincere about his intentions of making a difference after his release. She also said they did not expect the judge to consider an early release and would want the public to know they were not okay with it. Zukerman, what do you have to say about that?!

Jackson’s first DUI violation happened in 2007 while the fatal crash took place several months after he was placed on probation nine months later.

Roger’s wife, Bonita Nauman, questioned the early release in her letter to Judge Hall, asking how it would seem logical that he is healed of his addiction all of a sudden, after a long history of drunken driving. Long history?! Another reason he should not be released!

What liberal judge authorized this release?

She said in the letter that Jackson obviously followed the rules in the facility where good behavior was a mandate. Pat, who was injured in the crash, continues to have medical problems after sustaining shoulder and neck injuries. The Naumans have to have just terrible thoughts in their heads right now based on their statements. The Naumans want justice and the system did not deliver it.

There is always room in a prison for killers.