The Omaha Police Department received calls reporting a driver who was slumped over the steering wheel and seemed unresponsive. Officers were sent to assess the situation and take the necessary action. When police officers reached the car near 70th Avenue and Wirt Street they found the driver, a 26-year old Omaha man, asleep with his face against the steering wheel in his 2005 Toyota Scion. The car was stationary and was blocking traffic behind it.

The police officers then proceeded to confiscate the keys from the ignition of the car. The man still fast asleep was prodded awake. Reportedly, when he came around and realized the police were on scene he panicked and attempted to blow into an interlock device. His attempts to start the car and escape were obviously futile.

Why cannot people just drink at home?

An interlock device detects blood alcohol content and will only allow the car to start if the blower is sober. It is not uncommon for perpetrators to coax or even pay others to blow into the device to start their cars. The man was arrested following the fiasco while it was discovered that this would be his 4th DUI-related arrest, which explains the existence of the interlock device on his car. Even the attorneys on the superlative website cannot help someone who seems to want to get into trouble.

Driving under the influence, five too many times?

A 36 year old man from Norfolk has been arrested for the fifth time in a DUI-related case. The man was pulled over when his car was spotted speeding. The arresting officer smelt intoxicants and subjected him to field sobriety tests and a breath test which concluded the officer’s suspicions. The man did not protest to the tests. His blood alcohol content registered at 0.150, which according to Omaha DUI attorneys is almost twice the legal limit of 0.08. His previous records show that he has been arrested for DUI related offences four times in the past.

He has been charged with speeding, driving with a cancelled license, and fifth-offense driving under the influence. If guilty of charges, he will face a severe sentence compared to his previous arrests. Omaha DUI attorneys say fifth time DUI offenders can face between 1 to 20 years in prison in addition to fines and penalties up to $25,000. They will also have their license suspended for 15 years while the current ‘look-back’ or ‘washout’ period where prior DUIs are relevant is 15 years.

Inhalant abuse on the rise

We are all accustomed to hearing about chronic alcohol or drug addictions but a more potent intoxicant is readily available at most retail stores and its abuse is on the rise. Huffing is the term used to describe the practice of intentionally inhaling vapors from air canisters, wood adhesives, and whitener fluids. The effects are instantaneous and the high is much more severe and disabling.

Joe Lang is only one among thousands of victims that have fallen prey to the addiction. What distinguishes him from the rest is the fact that he had achieved a milestone―six years of sobriety from drugs such as cocaine and crystal meth. Even though he had what it takes to fight away such gripping addictions, he was unable to resist huffing air canisters and eventually died as a result of two heart attacks caused due to the habit. This shows that the addiction to huffing is more severe than in the cases of typical hard drugs or alcohol.

Joe Lang is survived by his mourning wife Julie Lang, who along with her attorney, has taken it upon herself to enforce the laws that concern this deadly habit. State laws dictate that retailers need to keep a register to jot down the details of anyone that buys these air canisters but that law is only on paper and not many retailers actually bother to follow it.

Julie Lang is out to make sure this changes and that people follow the rules. She is not seeking any financial reward but clearly doesn’t want more huffing fatalities.