Bogota Borough councilman Evaristo Burdiez Jr. had a harrowing time last week. The councilman was arrested for non-payment of child support alimony even though he has been supporting his ex-wife and child at home. Burdiez says that he was on his way to meet the probation officer and ask if the warrant for non-payment could be waived until the next family court hearing, but he was stopped by a patrol officer on the way and was taken in.

Apparently, the councilman also had a suspended driver’s license which he claims he had no knowledge of. In the end, Burdiez had to acquiesce to paying $8,000 and above in pending payments just so he could get out of jail fast, and not have to spend two days behind bars. Even DUI Hackensack, NJ attorneys believe he has enough money for child support if he can pay that much money that quickly.

Paying for Freedom

According to the Bogota councilman, some of what transpired last Wednesday was his own fault. Even though it’s been a while since Burdiez’s divorce was finalized―the child support agreement was brokered in September ―his wife and their son have actually been living with him in their borough home ever since. Burdiez says that he was waiting to go to the family court and ask that all child-support payments be suspended for the time that his ex and their kid is still living under the same roof, but he admits that he took his own sweet time about it, making it impossible for the patrol officer who detained him to do otherwise.

There was a warrant with an arrear of $8,586.03 against his name and coupled with the fact that he was driving on a suspended license made the arrest a foregone conclusion. Burdiez however denies having knowledge of his license suspension and says he had no idea that he patrol officer was running his number plate on the Wednesday morning last week when he was detained on the road. Incidentally, Burdiez says he was on his way to meet his probation officer to discuss the child support fees when the arrest took place.

Even some law officials have legal problems.

Despite the councilman’s entreaties, a Superior Court in Hackensack decreed that the entire amount that was pending as alimony should be paid before Burdiez could be allowed to leave the jail. Since he had already missed a probation meeting and the next family court session was scheduled for Friday, Burdiez had to pay up to avoid spending two days in jail. He was released later on Wednesday night.

It’s Ludicrous, Says the Lawyer

Burdiez’s attorney, Wilfred Ortiz, says that what happened with his client amounts to a ‘malfunction’ of the law. He also said that it is completely ‘ludicrous’ that his client had to pay child-support money when his ex and his kid are safely ensconced in his own home. Sgt. Kevin Marrero of the Teaneck Police Department has however clarified his patrol officer’s actions by saying that it is a department policy to arrest anyone with an active warrant.

Problems Run Amuck for Burdiez Jr.

This is not the first time the Bogota Borough councilman has had a run in with the law. According to DUI Hackensack, NJ attorneys, the councilman was arrested for a DWI last October, when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Bergenfield.