Boston, MA- A Boston-area attorney who specializes in OUI cases now finds himself in the need of a defense attorney after police charged him and an intern in connection to a boat accident that severed a young woman’s arm. reports that police have charged Benjamin Urbelis, 33, with negligent operation of a boat, boating under the influence and providing alcohol to minors. An Alexander Williams, an intern who worked for Urbelis last summer, was also charged negligent operation and providing alcohol to minors.

Urbelis, his assistant young men and women were on the attorney’s boat on May 30th when the accident occurred. reports that prior to the accident, witnesses saw Urbelis’ boat, the “Naut Guilty,” was weaving around and entering the ruins of the Long Island Bridge in the wrong direction.

At one point, a 19-year-old woman on the boat jumped off to retrieve a cushion that had blown into the water. As she was climbing on the boat, her arm was severed by a propeller. The girl survived her initial injuries but she has a long road to recovery.

Too many people don’t think really consider the dangers of boating under the influence, but according to the Coast Guard it may actually be more dangerous than drunken driving. When factors such as the motion of the boat, exposure to the sun and wind are combined with alcohol, a boat captain can easily become more intoxicated than they realize, severely affecting their coordination and reaction time. Making matters worse is boating inexperience, since it is generally a hobby, many of the people driving a boat don’t have nearly the experience as motorists and have less control over a water vessel.

In addition to not being aware of the hazards associated with drinking and boating, many people don’t realize that it’s against the law and person change be charged with operating under the influence. The consequences for drunken boating are the same as an OUI charge, so anyone facing such a charge should retain an OUI attorney in Boston right away.

If you are facing an OUI charged in Massachusetts, USAttorneys can help you find the best OUI lawyer in your area to assist you with your defense. They may be able to mitigate some of immediate and future consequences of your charge will begin working on your defense. Even if you were on a boat, you can lose your driver’s license and jeopardize your job. When you retain a lawyer early on, you give your attorney the time they need to provide you with a strong defense.

Take your OUI charges seriously and get the legal help you need, otherwise you could regret your decision. If you are in the Boston-area, we recommend you contact defense attorney Brett Levy to help you with your case. He will use his experience and understanding of the law to build an exceptional defense so that you have the opportunity to avoid an OUI conviction.