A man from Bristol, Tennessee, faces a vehicular homicide charge in connection with an incident Sunday night. Charles David Blevins, 35, is accused of a drunken driving violation which led to crash with a bicyclist late Sunday night, causing the death of the bicyclist. According to police reports, Blevins is booked under DUI Tennessee laws for driving while under the influence as well as for the possession of a handgun.

Bike run turns deadly

Late on Sunday night last week, Bradley Briggs, 37, was riding his bicycle when Blevins’s GMC van struck him from behind. The crash occurred on Weaver Pike near Canthook Hill Road, according to Tennessee highway patrol troopers who investigated the incident. Nathan Hall, a highway trooper, revealed details of the crash which left Briggs dead.

He said that when Blevins’ car rear ended the bicyclist, he was knocked off his bike and thrown in a ditch. The impact of the accident was such that the safety helmet Briggs was wearing failed completely to protect him. Even though Briggs was rushed to the Bristol Regional Medical Center by the first responders, the medical team could do nothing for him. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

When the first responders reached the scene of the accident, they found the bicycle off the right side of the roadway with the headlight still illuminated. The bicycle had suffered severe damages. The red work van which Blevins was driving was also off the right side of the road, just a little ahead of where the bicycle lay. Trooper Nathan Hall said in the criminal complaint that he could smell alcohol on Blevins when he interacted with him at the scene. H also mentioned that Blevins had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Because of Charles David Blevins, this is where Bradley Briggs ended up.

Dead bicyclist turns out to be old classmate

According to the police records, Blevins gave a statement declaring that he had been to a football party earlier on Sunday evening where he had had a single beer. Prior to the crash, Blevins confessed to having had one 24 ounce Bud Light. The complaint also describes Blevins’ reaction to the accident. He says that when he came up behind the bike, he observed what looked like a headlight.

After the impact, Blevins’ initial thought was that he has hit a deer and he pulled over to check if his guess was true. It was then that Blevins realized he had hit Briggs. Incidentally, Briggs and Blevins had been classmates in Sullivan east High School. According to the report, once Blevins realized his mistake he immediately called 911 and also tried to keep communicating with Briggs.

Officers at the scene also recovered a .45 caliber handgun in the rear pocket of Blevins’ van. Trooper Hall also noted in his statement that Blevins was highly talkative and exhibited many emotions when the police officers were trying to talk to him at the scene of crime. He kept on saying that he should have stayed with his friends after the drinking bout instead of choosing to drive home. He also reportedly said that driving after drinking was not a good thing.

He has a conscious but he is still guilty.