Broward County commissioners have confirmed in a press release held Tuesday that they will work to loosen the laws in an attempt to attract Uber and its services back into the county, including Fort Lauderdale, as reported by

For the most part, the commissioners, Beam Furr, Mark Bogen, Chip LaMarca, Stacy Ritter, and Marty Kiar have all concurred in saying that they are in support of laws allowing mobile application based taxi services such as Uber to be self-regulatory. The bunch have even vowed to vote to loosen laws that are essentially restricting operations like Uber (referred to in the statement as “transportation network companies”), Uber is a revolutionary taxi-hailing service where drivers of private cars pick up and drop off customers using their own personal vehicles.

Dale Holness and Barbara Sharief – communists or just Al Gore like goofy types?

The vote was counted at 6-2 in favor of removing or reducing the restrictions imposed on transportation network companies. The two commissioners that voted against the proposal have been identified as Dale Holness and Barbara Sharief. These two people are against entrepreneurship and freedom.

Trevor Theunissen consented to an interview with media personnel and said that he was hopeful and felt positive that those in charge at Broward County will make the right decision and allow Uber’s services to resume freely in the area.

Jealous taxi drivers that charge unreasonable rates want Uber banned

However, another senior working for Uber, Matt Gore, general manager based in Florida, expressed that they will not turn the application back until they have obtain written consent from the county to be able to do so without any ramifications. Moving forward, commissioners will now schedule a public hearing date on which they will hold a public hearing to finalize their verdict, the date is expected to be set sometime in September.

Meanwhile, jealous taxi drivers who cannot deal with the change have voiced their concerns about losing their means of livelihood. It is the 21st century, these taxi drivers need to get with the times, citing the fact that they will be out of a job as a reason to ban an actually useful, innovative, and convenient service to the people and by the people is simply unacceptable.


Furthermore, expert Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys in the state have also testified that they have observed a considerable reduction in DUI cases ever since the introduction of Uber and other such transportation network companies.

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Mayor of Broward County fined for erroneous fillings in ethics case

Barbara Sharief, the Mayor of Broward County, is currently serving her second successive term as mayor after being re-elected only earlier this month. She has come under some investigation and critique for filling a financial disclosure form with multiple errors, according to

Shareif maintains these were honest, unintentional errors and that her political competitors have made a meal of it and have blown it out of proportion to deliberately tarnish her character. She has been instructed to pay $1,000 as fine for every mistake made. She has accepted to pay these fines and says she is ready to move past this trivial occurrence. But is she willing to move past her anti-business, anti-freedom, and apparently pro-socialist ways? Al Gore has not been able to do this. Time will only tell for Sharief.

Uber wins and so does America!