Uber has announced the suspension of services in Broward County and will stop picking up passengers. As reported by local10.com, the ride-sharing service, in an email, has alleged that the Broward County Board of County Commissioners has created one of the most hostile regulatory environments in the nation. They claim that many people in Broward County have benefited from safe rides ever since Uber established its services in August last year. Over 50 states and municipalities passed rational ridesharing regulations during the time.

Broward County’s ride-sharing ordinance unnecessary says Uber

The major reason why Uber has decided to shelve its services in Broward County is the creation of unnecessary regulatory barriers by the county commissioner. The new ride sharing ordinance, for the most part, hampers Uber’s ability to operate within the county and will result in the loss of a significant number of jobs and access to safe rides.

Broward County’s commissioners turn their county into North Korea

County commissioners have asked that all of Uber’s drivers acquire chauffer registration. In addition, they must have a vehicle permit and commercial insurance. Another bone of contention is that they want to conduct county-run background checks on drivers, which is already part of Uber’s hiring process.

Public in support of Uber; Mark Stempler goes down the Joseph Stalin path

Supporting the county commissioner is Becker & Poliakoff attorney Mark Stempler, who is of the opinion that the unnecessary regulatory barriers are of the benefit of the public. He said it was Uber’s prerogative if they don’t want to comply with the regulations. It seems like, Stempler, who represents Yellow Cab, doesn’t seem to be aware of what an onerous and hostile regulatory environment really is until he really experiences it.

Mark Stempler is on the wrong side of history

Incidentally, Sun Sentinel reports that Broward County leaders were inundated with emails from the public in support of Uber although most of the county commissioners continued to defend their actions. It seems like the county is only focused on getting paid and seem content ignoring the safety and convenience of the public. According to DUI attorneys, their services are undoubtedly keeping drunk drivers off the roads. One more food for thought for the commissioners!


It is amazing what a small group of people will do for the sake of lining their own pockets. Uber is a novelty and the good old boys just cannot stand it.

Mark Stempler does not know when to let go

Broward commissioners are on their summer break until Aug. 11th so there is no likelihood of any resolution. Commissioner Barbara Sharief claimed Uber was throwing tantrums (the people throwing tantrums are the overpaid and rip off taxi drivers) like kids and said she would be surprised if they stopped providing services in Broward County if they have been made a million trips in 10 months.

Sharief does not care about America or the American tax payer

According to browardpalmbeach.com, Sharief’s company settled a case against it for overbilling Medicaid for around half a million dollars between 2007 and 2011. Reports indicate that she agreed to pay $588,889 and an additional $100,000 in fines. Her company was also the target of another Medicaid investigation. Sharief claimed she settled but did not overbill in order to avoid having her Medicaid provider status revoked if she fought the charges and was found guilty. Following the settlement, no criminal charges were filed while she was also allowed to continue business and bill Medicaid.

Loss of jobs for many drivers

Broward County’s bureaucratic barriers can have a negative impact on the county’s employment since Uber’s business model is based on having numerous drivers sign up at any given time to ensure that there are enough drivers to pick up passengers. Uber’s drivers connect with passengers via a smartphone app and use their personal vehicles, very often in their spare time off from another job. Is the County Commissioner going to ignore the sentiment of the public, who are the beneficiaries of ride-sharing services like Uber?

Why not just continue working? Who can prove that you are working for Uber? Broward County has not outlawed the Internet or cell phone usage.

The folks of Broward County need to put some new people in office just like the people in America does as well. Broward County is doing to the paid transportation industry what Obamacare is doing to the health care industry. America is in strange times now and has now surpassed $18 trillion in debt. The misguided people who run Broward County are not acting like they work for the people. Just like Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi, the bureaucrats of Broward County have forgotten who they work for. They work for us!