Tampa, FL- She thought she was heading towards St. Petersburg, but Bulgarian model was actually going headed the wrong way last week when she was pulled over by Pasco County Police.

Pasco County police said Ralitsa Ivanoca, 29, who Maxim magazine dubbed as the “Sexiest Bulgarian Alive,” was leaving Tampa on U.S. 41 around 3:45 a.m. last Wednesday, and was driving the wrong way in the northbound lanes, WTFS reported.

According to the Daily Mail, other drivers saw Ivanoca’s black BMW traveling the wrong way and alerted police.

The arresting officer noted in his report that Ivanoca’s vehicle had a strong odor of alcohol and the model had bloodshot eyes and was unsteady on her feet. She denied being drunk and said she was texting before police pulled her over and proceed to give the officer her phone. That’s when noticed her a text message by a friend warning her not to submit to field sobriety tests, according to WTFS.

The blonde Bulgarian heeded her friend’s advice and refused to submit to field sobriety tests, but that didn’t stop police from charging her with driving under the influence. Florida, like so many states, has an implied consent law which basically says that when a motorist gets their driver’s license they agree to submit to field sobriety tests. When they refuse, they can face DUI charges anyway and they need to challenge those charges with the assistance of a Tampa DUI attorney.

Ivanoca may not realize it now, but she is fortunate police pulled her over when they did, otherwise she could have caused a tragic accident. Wrong-way accidents are more likely to fatal than other types of traffic accidents are often caused by intoxicated drivers. She may not be happy about her DUI charges, but at least she didn’t hurt or kill anyone which would have made her criminal charges much worse.

Most people realize that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has repercussions, but what they may not realize is how far-reaching those repercussions are, and how long a DUI conviction will haunt them.

First-time DUI offenders in Florida are facing up to 6 months in jail, revocation of their license for six months up to a year along with nearly $1,500 in fines and penalties. DUI penalties for subsequent offenses can double or triple.

A DUI conviction in Florida will stay on the offender’s record for at least 10 years and could affect college admissions and future job prospects. A run-in with the law, not matter how minor can lock a person out of certain professional licenses and make then unattractive to an employer.

A DUI is not worth risking your future. If you’ve made the mistake of getting driving while intoxicated, you must contact a Tampa DUI attorney immediately. They can begin working on your defense and will give you a chance to avoid conviction. It’s in your best interest to have an attorney on your side so your charges won’t have such a negative impact on your life and your future.