Aurora, CO- Most people would agree that drinking and driving is dangerous, but there are too many people who don’t recognize the danger of driving under the influence of prescriptions drugs,

Take for instance Seattle bus driver who was arrested and charged with a DUI after he took eleven seniors on dangerous ride Wednesday afternoon.

The passengers were leaving a Snohomish Senior Center to go to a tulip festival when their bus driver began driving erratically. According to KIRO TV, the driver, 45-year-old Gilbert Maier hit two curbs and ran two stop signs while eating and talking on his phone. He also allegedly struck two

Seniors on the bus were so concerned for their safety that they saw and officer and yelled at Maier to stop. He complied and officers determined he was under the influence.

A blood test revealed that Maier has hydrocodone in his system and he was charged with eleven counts of reckless endangerment, one charge for each passenger on the bus.

A look into his background revealed that Maier was also charged with a DUI last April. That case is still pending but many are wonder why Maier was allowed to drive. For now, the director of the senior center is evaluating the situation.

Many people in Colorado and across the nation have this mistaken notion that they are not violating DUI laws if they are taking a legally prescribed drug or smoking legal marijuana. This couldn’t be further from the truth–remember alcohol is legal- and the consequences are just as severe.

A first DUI conviction in the state of Colorado carries a minimum of five days in jail or up to one year, depending the extenuating circumstances. With a DUI conviction, the accused can expect to lose their license for up to a year and thousands in fines, fees and other DUI-related costs. These penalties apply to any convicted offender regardless of whether they were drunk, high on pot or taking one of their prescriptions.

There is a long list of prescription drugs that severely inhibit the taker’s motor skills and delay their reaction times. But the fact is, not all people who have a prescription drug in their system are actually intoxicated. Simply having a drug in your system is not proof enough of intoxication. The DUI attorneys at USAttorneys understand this and will use their vast knowledge to provide you with an aggressive defense. Our attorneys aim to provide you with a defense that helps you avoid conviction or lessen the legal consequences you face.

If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to act immediately and contact a Colorado DUI attorney to being working on your defense. There is more at jeopardy than you realize; you could lose your job, your license, damage future employment prospects and be a major drag on their personal life. We all make mistakes and when you have an attorney on your side you can keep that mistake from haunting you for years to come.