Were you recently busted for driving while intoxicated in Fort Worth? You might already know that the repercussions of a DWI conviction are far-reaching and stages can be complicated, from getting the arrested individual out of jail to entering a plea to building a defense.  If you have been busted for a DWI in Fort Worth, you can beat a conviction.

First, Getting Out of a Fort Worth Jail

If you need to be bailed out of jail or need to bail someone out for a Class C misdemeanor charges, which include some traffic violations like DWI, the bond must be posted at the prison where they are being held. You must pay the entire fine to get an arrestee released, or you can find someone to post bond.

Tarrant County Jail

350 W Belknap St.,

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Inmate search: https://ijis.tarrantcounty.com/inmatesearch/


Tarrant County Jail

1815 Cold Springs Rd.,

Fort Worth, TX 76102



Mansfield Jail

1601 Heritage Pkwy,

Mansfield, TX 76063


How Do I Beat a DUI?

You can beat a DUI by first hiring a DWI lawyer in Fort Worth to look at your case and see what defense will be the most helpful. Each DWI case is different, so which defense will work best for in your situation depends on the details of your arrest. When trying to decide on the best defense, your counsel will ask the following questions:

Did the arresting officer have a legitimate reason to stop you?

Did an officer violate your Constitutional rights?

Was an officer’s assessment of your field sobriety test accurate?

Does the defendant suffer from a medical condition?

Was the suspect harmed because an officer used excessive force?

Are the breathalyzers used by Fort Worth police departments calibrated as required?

Does the department have a history of poor breathalyzer maintenance?

Was the field drug test accurate?

Once they have the answers to those questions and more, a DWI defense lawyer in Texas will be able to decide which defense strategy will give you a better chance of avoiding conviction.

Alternatives to a Court Trial in Fort Worth

If your criminal defense attorney thinks the prosecution has a strong case, they may recommend you accept a plea bargain or enter a pretrial diversion program. The two common alternatives to court include a pretrial diversion or seeking a plea bargain. The main downfall of those alternatives is that you must plead guilty.

Pretrial Diversion

Pretrial diversion is an alternative to going to court and limited to first-time DUI offenders whether drugs or alcohol impaired you. If you complete your program, your conviction will not appear on your public record.

Tarrant Pretrial Services

100 N Lamar St.,

Fort Worth, TX 76102


Plea Bargain

A plea bargain is a deal reached with the prosecution for reduced charges in exchange for pleading to guilty to a charge of wet reckless or reckless driving. Both alternatives will give you a chance to avoid a jail sentence and the other troubling consequences. Below are court addresses where you will meet with a judge negotiate a plea bargain:

Fort Worth Municipal Court

1000 Throckmorton St.,

Fort Worth, TX 76102



Tarrant County Court

100 E Weatherford St.,

Fort Worth, TX 76196


Speak to a DWI Lawyer in Fort Worth

USAttorneys.com suggests you speak to a DWI lawyer near you in Fort Worth to learn what defense will work considering the details of your case. Set up a consultation with one of our attorneys and learn which of the options discussed above will be best considering the details of your case. Call and arrange a case evaluation today.