A DUI charge is no joke! You may think, you can plead guilty or get a plea bargain and move on with your life, but that belief is not rooted in reality. You are about to encounter a world of trouble that will haunt you for years to come.

Your Freedom and Driver’s License 

First, you’ll go to jail

It’s likely that if you appear to be intoxicated or you a breathalyzer reveals you are over the legal limit in California, which is 0.08 percent, you will be handcuffed, put in the back of a patrol car, and hauled off to jail.

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange St.,

Riverside, CA 92501



Riverside Sheriff Department

22850 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos,

Moreno Valley, CA 92553



Riverside County Jail

260 N Spring St.,

Blythe, CA 92225


Riverside County Inmate Locator: http://jimspub.riversidesheriff.org/

State of California Inmate Locator: http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov/

When you are arrested, police will tell you that you have the right to remain silent and whatever you say will be used by the prosecution. Our criminal defense attorneys in California recommend you exercise that right and let your counsel do the talking for you. Whether you are innocent or not, it is always best to let someone with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system to talk with investigators.

If an officer roughed you up or violated your rights during the course of your DUI arrest, speak with a police brutality lawyer in Riverside, California to look at the facts of your case and determine if an officer used excessive force.

Your driving privileges will be gone

On top of being taken to jail, a DUI arrest will also trigger a temporary suspension of your driver’s license. You’ll only spend several hours in jail, but your license will be suspended until you request a hearing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You can request an administrative hearing to have your driving privileges reinstated pending the outcome of your case. Your DMV hearing is separate from your DUI trial.

You can visit the following DMV locations to learn more about administrative hearings:

Riverside East DMV

6425 Sycamore Canyon Blvd.,

Riverside, CA 92507

Riverside DMV

6280 Brockton Ave.,

Riverside, CA 92506


Huge Financial Troubles

Risks to Job

Fortunately, there are a lot of employers in Riverside who won’t hold your drunk driving charge against you as long as you can get to work, show up on time and don’t miss too many days. Regrettably, a DUI can make all those things impossible because you can no longer drive and must rely on other people or public transportation.

Some employers, especially transport and delivery companies have no tolerance policy and will terminate anyone charged with drunken or drugged driving. Commercial and delivery drivers could be forced into a different occupation.

When you apply for a job, your DUI conviction is going to show up on a background check. An employer may dismiss your application because of your charge. Don’t let a drunk driving charge ruin your future, contact a DUI lawyer in Riverside and talk about your defense.

Total Costs

For a first DUI conviction, you face as little as 96 hours in jail with a potential maximum of 96 days, plus license suspension for a minimum of 30 days up to six months. Also, you will have to pay a DUI fine ranging between $390 and $1,000.

Additional costs of a DUI in Riverside include:

Administrative fees to reinstate a suspended or revoked license

Alcohol or drug rehab

Significantly increased insurance premiums

Court costs, fees for probation and costs of installing an ignition interlock device

Defense attorney fees

Costs of taking a cab, Uber, bus or giving a friend gas money

There is no set cost of a DUI since the details of every case vary, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars or more before your case is resolved. You can avoid that high cost by getting legal help. USAttorneys.com can connect you with a lawyer near your California location to evaluate your case and steer it the right direction.