California Bill Will Create DUI Diversion Program for Vets and Troops

Los Angeles, CA– Sometimes a person with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder- turns to alcohol to cope and that can end up have consequences such as being charged with drunk driving. PTSD can afflict anyone who experiences a traumatic event, but those most affected are often our troops, returning soldiers and veterans. Lawmakers in California understand the plight of veterans and have introduced legislation that will give some servicemembers the chance to participate in a DUI diversion program.

California DUI Law for Veterans and Troops

Senate Bill 725 was introduced on June 13th and creates a DUI diversion program for active military and veterans who are charged with a DUI and suffer a service-induced trauma.

It is unclear when the bill gets a full Assembly vote, but if you would like to track the bill, you can visit

The diversionary program is different than the veteran’s treatment program which allows a participant to have a conviction dismissed if they enter rehab.

If passed, the law will allow veterans who meet specific requirements to have their DUI charges dismissed. To be eligible for diversion, a veteran must be able to show they have been diagnosed with PTSD, suffered a traumatic brain injury, was the victim of sexual assault, or is suffering from other service-related problems, the San Diego Tribune reports.

There are critics of the law who say that it allows people to get away with drinking and driving and creates a revolving door for offenders, the San Diego Tribune reports.

DUI Diversion Programs

A DUI attorney in Los Angeles can tell you if a diversionary program is the right option in your case and will help an individual avoid a lengthy jail sentence. A DUI offender who understands the gravity of their actions and takes responsibility for them will do well in a diversionary program.

You must plead guilty if you want to enter a diversion program. Your jail sentence is suspended until you complete the program as specified by a judge and can be applied if you don’t meet the program requirements. As part of the diversion program, you will agree to a code of conduct outlined by the courts and refrain from engaging in any criminal activities. A diversionary program may also require you to attend drug and alcohol awareness classes or enter an addiction treatment center. You will also have your driver’s license suspended.

A diversion allows a servicemember to keep their honorable duty status.

As long as you stay out of trouble, your jail sentence will be suspended and your conviction can be dismissed. recommends you consult with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Los Angeles today. We will refer your case to a local DUI lawyer after you fill out a short contact form. One of our outstanding attorneys will call you to set up your case evaluation.