While some individuals spent New Year’s Eve at parties, clubs, and other enticing locations to ring in the new year, Dino Glennon Forristall, 65, was out riding his golf cart with two friends at Green Valley Country Club in unincorporated Solano County. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn south, literally, when Forristall “made an unsafe turn in the golf cart and plummeted down a 30-foot embankment” [Source: Daily Mail]. While the driver was able to escape from suffering any serious injuries, the two passengers he had traveling with him weren’t so lucky.

The unidentified passengers apparently suffered a broken back and a broken arm and were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for their injuries. Rather than going to the hospital, Forristall was arrested for DUI. He is the owner of Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc. and while he probably thought nothing of having a few drinks and going out for a spin on the golf course, he experienced what many others do when they decide to drive drunk.

Now, rather than beginning the new year with a clean slate, Forristall is beginning with a DUI charge that he is going to have to explain when he gets his day in court. Because he caused a DUI accident leaving others injured, he will definitely want to be represented by a California DUI defense lawyer who might be able to help get the penalties he is going to be faced with reduced.

Numerous DUI Arrests Were Being Made this Past New Year’s Eve

Forristall wasn’t the only one arrested and charged with DUI on New Year’s Eve. In fact, California Highway Patrol made 1,072 arrests across the state for DUI, according to the Los Angeles Times. And if you were someone who made the mistake of driving while intoxicated this year in San Francisco, just know that there is help out there that can get you through this rough period in your life.

A DUI has the tendency to impact a person’s life tremendously as it remains on their record and can even cause an individual to lose their job. Certain state and city workers are generally required to report an arrest and many employers are required to let go a worker who is convicted of DUI. So, to learn more about this charge and the potential penalties you might be facing if you recently caused a DUI accident in San Francisco, contact the Ticket Crushers now.

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