Sacramento, CA-Between Deflategate and Marshawn Lynch’s peculiar press conference, people have forgotten a very important issue that arises each year when the Super Bowl rolls around. It’s an issue that endangers lives across the state of California and forces law enforcement agencies to beef up their patrols. And that issue is: drunken driving.

Even though the Super Bowl isn’t a national holiday, Americans approach it as such, which means many snacks will be eaten and many alcoholic beverages will be consumed. And once the big game is over, thousands of intoxicated people will get behind the wheel and cause tragic accidents.

Safety advocates for the California Auto Club crunched the numbers and found there is a spike in the deadly and injurious accidents on Super Bowl Sunday.  Analysis of fatal crash data from the past five years shows that DUI accidents increased by 77 percent on the day of the biggest sporting event in the U.S.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, data from 2012 shows 43 percent of all traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday and the following morning were caused by drunken drivers.

“Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest one-day sporting event in the United States and unfortunately one of the most dangerous days on California’s roads and highways,” California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said according to the Los Angeles Times.

Since there is such a spike in DUI deaths, law enforcement agencies across California are gearing up to keep the roads safe. Police pretty much treat Super Bowl Sunday like they would any other holiday. More officers will be out patrolling the streets and you can expect to run into many checkpoints.

So we’ll repeat the advice of our outstanding DUI attorneys: Designate a driver, take a cab or Uber or sleep on friend’s couch. Just don’t drive drunk! It’s not safe for you and is not safe for all of the sober people on the road. A DUI lawyer doesn’t mind having your business and they’ll do whatever you can to help you avoid a DUI conviction. They just don’t like to see innocent people get hurt.

Your California DUI is going to come at a big cost, approximately $10K. That’s about the cost of a second-tier Super Bowl ticket. If you happen be convicted of a DUI you could spend up to four days in jail and you’ll have your license suspended. Then there is the whole issue of an ignition interlock device, the costs of which will come out of the offender’s pocket. Even worse, a DUI conviction will stay on your record for 10 years. The costs of a DUI linger long after you’ve paid your due so you need to fight it.

If you let the alcohol do the talking and get busted for driving under the influence you need to do the smart thing and hire a Sacramento DUI attorney to work on your defense. They work with the courts and prosecutors regularly so they know how to negotiate for lesser charges or a plea bargain.