San Jose, CA- A San Jose woman is facing felony drunken driving and manslaughter charges after she ran over an acquaintance in San Jose driveway late Sunday night.

James McGraw, a neighbor, told KGO-TV, that he heard voices and what appeared to be arguing, or a scream, police have not said what the people living in the then quiet neighborhood heard. McGraw said he then heard a thump and a car slamming against a garage door.

“When I hear something like we did this morning at 2:30, that’s not standard operating procedure, then I start to get nervous,” McGraw said.

McGraw and other people in the neighborhood became concerned and called police. When police arrived on the scene they found the lifeless body of a young woman in the driveway of a home on Weibel Way.

Police also found Monica Johnson, 27, behind the wheel of a Ford SUV and placed her under arrest. They believe Johnson ran over and killed Cassandra Rose Buck who was her acquaintance.

Police believe Buck was in Johnson’s SUV earlier in the evening and found beer cans near the scene of the accident.

“It appears that the driver and the victim did know each other. Again, I don’t know to what extent,” San Jose Police Officer Albert Morales told the local ABC affiliate.

“There was some indication there was some beer there.  Whether it was in the vehicle or near the area will get cleared up later at some point,” Morales said.

The neighborhood quickly turned into crime scene and Johnson is now facing charges of felony driving under the influence and voluntary manslaughter. Police are asking that any other witnesses to the accident come forward to aide them in their investigation.

Police have not said whether they believe Johnson intentionally struck her acquaintance, but witness testimony indicates that Buck’s death may have not been accidental. If that happens to be the case, which is only speculation at this point, the least of Johnson’s problems will be the DUI charge.

A drunken driving charge alone is a hard thing to deal with; this charge can have negative and wide-reaching effects on person’s life. Convicted offenders could face jail time, suspension of their driver’s license and thousands of dollars in fines. All in all a person who is convicted or driving under the influence can expect to pay close to $10,000 in fines, court costs, legal fees, increased insurance premiums and other associated costs. Additionally, a DUI conviction can stay on a person’s record for years.

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