Ventura, CA- A California motorist is facing numerous DUI-related charges after running from police and causing a collision that left eight people injured, My News LA reports.

On Monday, police in West Covina were in pursuit of a person suspected of drunk driving when that driver ran a stop sign and slammed into two vehicles, My LA News reports. An adult and two children in one of the vehicles were injured leaving one girl in serious condition. Four people on another car, two men, and two women were also injured, but their conditions are unknown, reports the paper.

Police told My LA News that the 26-year-old man who caused the accident was also injured and was later charged with several criminal offenses including felony DUI causing injuries and felony evading.

Sadly, DUI accidents are a relatively regular occurrence in California and leave thousands of people injured every year. For that reason, the penalties associated with DUI involving injury are harsh, and a person convicted of this charge could end up with a jail sentence.

A DUI involving injury and death is considered an aggravated charge for which the maximum penalty is five years. How much time a person is given depends on several aggravating factors including whether the accident was a fatality and how high the suspect’s blood alcohol concentration was at the time they were arrested. If you are facing aggravating DUI charges in Ventura County, we recommend you speak with a DUI lawyer as soon as you can because an aggressive defense is an absolute necessity.

By retaining defense counsel, you open up more opportunities to minimize the penalties you are facing. An attorney can help you secure a plea bargain even if you are facing an aggravated charge. A plea bargain, which is usually for a lesser charge like wet reckless will result in reduced penalties and less expensive fines and penalties. But if you do accept a plea bargain, you need to bear in mind that if you are arrested for a DUI later on, your deal will count as DUI if you face additional charges in the future.

If you are accused of an aggravated DUI, let USAttorneys help you find a DUI lawyer near you in Ventura. They will spend the time and make the effort to give you the best defense possible. You won’t regret getting legal counsel, so reach out today and set up a consultation with one of our outstanding lawyers in Virginia. You can learn about your charges and get the information you need to make an informed decision about your case.