Being charged with a criminal offense can upend your entire life. Any chance of success in criminal cases, just like in any other case, will be highly dependent on the attorney you choose to help you navigate the proceedings. Thankfully, there are capable and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Traverse City, Michigan who can help you get through this difficult and potentially life-changing moment in your life. They understand what is at stake in criminal cases, and specifically in DUI cases and they’re more than willing to do what is necessary to ensure that your rights are respected and that you walk out of the trial as unaffected as you possibly can, and if you stick around, we’ll tell you exactly how they can do that.

How can a Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You in Your Time of Need?

Criminal defense attorneys are trained to negotiate on behalf of their clients to ensure that they get a fair shot and that their entire lives are not derailed by one incident that may have occurred at a young age. They understand that the possibilities of getting a new job, obtaining higher education, getting certain professional licenses, carrying firearms, or renting an apartment are all at stake for those with a permanent criminal record which is why they will do everything in their power to ensure that their clients can go on living their lives without the threat of a criminal charge menacing to destroy their current life and anything they may want to build in the future. According to the American Bar Association, ”the primary duties that defense counsel owe to their clients, to the administration of justice, and as officers of the court, are to serve as their clients’ counselor and advocate with courage and devotion; to ensure that constitutional and other legal rights of their clients are protected; and to render effective, high-quality legal representation with integrity.”

According to Learn, as part of their role, criminal defense attorneys, “speak with the defendant to get his or her side of the story, conduct extensive investigations into what actually happened, interview witnesses or people peripheral to the case and prepare a defense to present to the court. Lawyers may also advise their clients on how to proceed in their legal predicament. Depending on the case, that might mean pleading guilty, working with the courts on a plea bargain or going to trial.” These responsibilities are important because they help ensure that their client is afforded the right to due process and consideration as promised by the United States’ legal codes. If you or someone you know, requires the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Traverse City Michigan, contact Neumann Law Group at (231) 221-0050.

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