If you have been charged with DUI and run the risk of losing your children, you need to speak with a DUI attorney immediately. The DUI defense lawyers in Jacksonville featured on USAttorneys.com have the necessary skills to help beat your charges and potentially reduce that risk for you.

Maintaining custody of your children could be an issue after being charged with DUI.

Many individuals are aware of the fact that being charged with DUI carries with it some hefty penalties such as jail time, fines, fees, probation, and more depending on how the charge occurred. However, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is how a DUI can affect your right to possess custody over your child. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) works to ensure children are placed in safe homes or are currently living in a harm free environment. But what if you were caught driving while intoxicated and you had your children in the car? How would this affect your chances of maintaining that custody?

Although it sounds a bit outlandish, it happens, and more than it should. In recent news, you see just what could happen if you wind up being pulled over for DUI and you have your children in the car.

St. Johns County Teacher Charged with DUI

Jacksonville.com highlighted the story involving 30-year old Kelsey Winistorfer who was a St. Johns County teacher. Winistorfer was on medical leave without pay from Patriot Oaks Academy dating back to February. According to the news source, on April 7th, Winistorfer was arrested for DUI after police were called and had been informed that a Toyota SUV was stuck in a ditch. Once paramedics arrived on scene to assess whether there were any injuries, the children were turned over to their grandmother, but not without DCF being contacted.

Police conducted a field sobriety test which indicated she was intoxicated and her slurred speech and swaying motions didn’t exactly support her case. She was booked into jail and is now facing charges for driving under the influence and child neglect.

Hopefully Winistorfer or one of her family member’s contacts USAttorneys.com soon in order to retain a top Jacksonville DUI attorney who can help get her charges reduced and keep her children.


Why Do You Want to Avoid Drinking and Driving?

Aside from the obvious reasons of it increasing the risk on the roadway and putting everyone’s life on the line, if you are going through a child custody battle, you want to avoid this entirely. In fact, consuming alcohol in general is frowned upon for any parent fighting for the rights to have custody over their children. The courts aren’t going to take to the idea that you have to drink to cope with the stress you are experiencing and your ex-husband or wife could use this as leverage in your child custody case.

And on another note, while you may already have custody of your children, having DCF become involved because you were charged with a DUI also places you at risk of losing them as well. Therefore, in the event you are dealing with similar circumstances, USAttorneys urges you to contact them immediately so you can become connected with some of the best DUI lawyers in Jacksonville.