One of the first penalties a drunk driver will have to face at the hands of the law is getting their license suspended. If an officer believes a person was DUI they can easily suspend their license on the spot. However, since many individuals require their license in order to go to work or for regular medical treatment it is possible to request driving privileges again.

A DUI lawyer in Knoxville, TN can assist a person to apply for a restricted license in a timely manner and with the correct authorities. If a person was not convicted of a prior DUI offense within the last 10 years then their application will most likely be approved. Whether the permission is granted or not depends entirely on the judge. A person must apply with the same judge who was responsible for handling their DUI case.

The judge has the right to decide what the restrictions on the license will be. For instance, they can decide that a person is only allowed to drive to work, school, and medical appointments until the restriction is lifted. The judge will most probably also call for an Ignition Interlock Device to be added to the vehicle for extra precaution.

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Under what circumstances can a police officer arrest me for DUI?

A police officer can actually arrest a person if they simply have a strong reason to suspect the driver was DUI. In most cases, police officers will request a blood test to be done in order to affirm whether their suspicions were correct or not. If a person refuses to give the test their license can be taken away for a year and they can still be tried and found guilty of DUI.

If an officer ever pulls a person over it is always in a person’s best interest to comply with the officer’s commands. A driver is considered DUI by law if their BAC is 0.08% or higher. However, if a person was still visibly drunk and they clearly did not have control over their senses even with a lower BAC, they can still be held accountable for their unsafe driving behaviors.

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Will I have to face jail time if I am caught DUI?

A person who gets arrested for DUI will most likely be taken down to the Knox County Jail in Downtown Knoxville. Unfortunately, one of the penalties of drunk driving is that a person will almost always have to face jail time for a certain period. The jail time a person faces can be anywhere between 48 hours up to a year for a first-time offense depending on how heavily intoxicated they were and also depending on how much damage they managed to do while they were on the road.

Individuals being caught for a first-time offense will also have to pay fines alongside fulfilling certain hours of community service before they are allowed to resume life as they normally had been before the arrest took place.