St. Petersburg, Florida. Every driver knows that drinking and driving is against the law. However, individuals may not always understand that drinking and driving a golf cart, a boat, a dirt bike, and even a lawn mower can result in DUI charges.

Golf courses are often laid back establishments, a place where people take some time to get away from it all and maybe have a few drinks while teeing off. But, drinking and driving a golf cart can result in serious charges, especially if someone gets hurt. Next time you think about putting a six pack in the back of your golf cart, you might want to think twice.

According to Golf Digest, you could face DUI charges if you damage property or hurt another person while driving a golf cart. In fact, in a retirement community in Florida called The Villages, there have been 13 golf-cart related fatalities in just the past six years. Just recently, Fox 4 reported on the DUI death of a woman who had been riding in the back of a golf cart being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol. The man responsible for the accident was arrested. He left the scene of the accident and left the woman in the median.

While officers generally won’t hand out DUI charges to those who have been drinking and driving a golf cart, drivers should think twice before they drink and drive any automotive vehicle. In a golf course, you’re more likely to encounter pedestrians. Even though golf carts don’t go as fast as cars, they can cause significant bodily injury if a person falls off or if a person gets run over.

Drivers can face charges of a DUI whether they are driving on a golf course or even driving on their own driveway. Being behind the wheel with keys in hand and a high blood alcohol limit is enough. Having an open container on the golf cart can also result in charges.

As more communities promote alternative forms of transportation, golf cart accidents and golf cart DUIs may become more common. In fact, in some cities where golf carts are the primary mode of transportation, officers have been known to set up golf cart DUI checkpoints.

However, for golf players facing DUI charges, some DUI defense lawyers are fighting back. For instance, some lawyers are seeking damages from golf courses who serve alcohol freely, knowing that individuals will be driving golf carts after drinking. In fact, golf courses may be subject to the same dram shop laws that go after bars for serving drunk individuals.

At the end of the day, if you are facing a DUI, whether it’s for drunk driving of a motor vehicle or driving a golf cart or other vehicle, you may be facing some serious penalties under the law. The Sierra Law Firm are DUI lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida who work closely with individuals facing these charges. Navigating the criminal justice system can be challenging, but fortunately, there are many solid defenses a lawyer can provide. Visit today to protect your freedom and your rights.