Lexington, KY- Have you been charged with a DUI in Kentucky? Are you wondering what your options are for your DUI defense? Are you thinking about agreeing to a plea bargain? Fortunately, DUI offenders have the option of agreeing to a plea bargain but you should know what entering into these agreements entail and the possible consequences

Before you can decide if this is the best option, you need to understand the process which is why we recommend you speak with a DUI lawyer in Kentucky to explain plea bargains and help you decide if it is the best choice for after considering the circumstances of your case. Sometimes a plea bargain is not in your best interest.

First you need to know the penalties you could face if you are convicted before deciding if you want to pursue a plea bargain. For a first DUI conviction in Kentucky, you face: a $600 to $2,100 in fines; your license will be suspended for at least 90 days

Compared to other states, Kentucky’s DUI penalties are a little more lenient, but the consequences of a DUI go far beyond the legal ramifications and could negatively impact your personal and professional life. A DUI conviction can haunt you long after you’ve completed your sentence, so you need legal assistance with your charge.

A plea bargain may be your best option if the evidence is stacked against you, but that decision should be left up to an attorney. Whether or not you agree to or are offered a plea bargain depends on a several factors such as: your blood alcohol concentration, whether or not you’ve been convicted of a DUI before or if you caused a serious accident while driving drunk.

You should know that a prosecutor does not have to offer you a plea bargain. Oftentimes your legal counsel must pursue a plea bargain. Even if you are offered a plea bargain and you agree to it a judge doesn’t have to and you will have no choice but to take your case to court. In many cases a plea bargain is a good deal, far better than a DUI conviction, and can keep you from paying for your mistake for months or years to come.

It is important to note that if you do accept a plea bargain for wet reckless or reckless driving with alcohol involved, it will count as a prior DUI offense and you will be charged as a repeat offender so trying to avoid a conviction is you best course of action.

If you live in Lexington, Kentucky and have been charged with DUI, allow USAttorneys to connect you with a dedicated and aggressive DUI defense lawyer near you. You can count in them to help you make the right decisions about your case.

The DUI lawyers at USAttorneys understand what is stake with your DUI charge are willing to go the extra mile so you don’t have a DUI on your record. Contact a lawyer today and set up a time to discuss your case.