Nashville, TN- Thousands of Tennesseans face DUI charges every year and many of these DUI offenders aren’t entirely aware of the consequences they are facing. Thankfully, there are options a DUI suspect can explore to avoid a harsh penalty. A plea bargain is one of those options and we’ll discuss why it’s a good one for you to explore.

First let’s talk about why you might want to consider a plea bargain for your first, second or subsequent DUI. For your first DUI, you face anywhere between 48 hours and 11 days in jail, depending on the circumstances of your arrest. You also face fines between $350 to $1,500, will have your license suspended for up to one year and will be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Those penalties are pretty tough which is why you need to speak with a DUI lawyer in Tennessee to help explain the plea bargain process and decide if it is the best way to resolve your DUI. USAttorneys can connect you with an attorney today so you can get the explanations and answers you need.

In case you aren’t aware, a plea bargain is a deal you make with prosecutors in which you agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge, generally “wet reckless,” in return for having your penalties reduced and keep a DUI conviction on your record.

A plea bargain can give a defendant who might not do well in court the chance to sidestep a DUI conviction. They are less costly because a court trial is no longer necessary. But whether you are offered one depends on the circumstances surrounding your arrest such as your blood alcohol or arrest history.

In some cases, a plea bargain is your best option but there are some downfalls. A guilty plea for a wet reckless will still leave you with a record and should get charged with an additional DUI within a 10-year period, it will count as a DUI for sentencing purposes.

Another downfall is that judges don’t have agree to any plea bargain you negotiate with prosecutors. While most judges accept plea bargains, some don’t and in those cases you need an attorney to sway the judge.

You can offered a plea bargain at any time during adjudication, which is why you should speak with a DUI lawyer in Tennessee before you make any decisions about your case. Not everyone will be offered a plea bargain, but if you are you want to make certain that the offers you receive are fair and reasonable. An attorney’s primary job is protecting your best interests, so you can count on our team to do just that and secure an acceptable plea bargain for your DUI. If you have been charged with a DUI, USAttorneys can help you get in touch with a DUI defense lawyer near you who will champion for your rights and do whatever they can keep you from being convicted.