Sacramento, CA- Each year, thousands of Californians are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. DUIs are so common that far too many drivers don’t view as a serious charge until it’s too late and they are living with the consequences of their actions. There is a lifeline for DUI offenders who want their DUI removed from their record. They can have their DUI charged expunged from their record. ‘

If you are convicted of a DUI charge, the legal penalties you face include a penalty of up to four days in jail, up to $1,800 in fine and DUI-related administrative fees, along with a 6-month license suspension. You will also be required to install and ignition interlock device in your vehicle. What’s more, a conviction for a DUI in California will remain on your record for at least ten years.

Despite those penalties, some DUI offenders choose to plead guilty, and they make this decision without first consulting with a DUI lawyer.  The notion that a DUI is no big deal couldn’t be more wrong. Even a routine DUI with no aggravating factors can be prohibitive when it comes to work and getting an education. An employer may look at your DUI conviction unfavorably and see you as irresponsible. A DUI conviction can prevent you from getting a professional license. If you were convicted of a DUI with aggravating factors, a conviction could strip of some civil liberties such as the right to vote and own guns. You can remove all of those barriers if you have your DUI arrest or conviction expunged or removed from your criminal record.

Before you can even apply to have your record expunged, you must complete your jail sentence and finish your community service. Once you’ve served out your sentence, you can petition the court to remove your DUI conviction from your record or have your record sealed.

USAttorneys suggests you retain a DUI lawyer to assist with all aspects of your expungement. If you enlist legal help from the beginning, you’ll give your attorney the time they need to familiarize themselves with your case and devise a plan of action of your expungement petition is denied.

Expunging a DUI conviction in California is not as simple as just filling out an application, pay the processing fee and wait for a decision. You have to be able to present a convincing argument about why you deserve to have your record expunged. That is why you need a DUI lawyer in Sacramento, California to represent you.

USAttorneys recommends you fight your DUI charges, so you don’t have to go through the process of expungement. If you live in Sacramento, we suggest you contact the law offices of Dick Margarita and set up a consultation. Mr. Margarita has years of criminal defense experience and does everything in his power to see you avoid a DUI conviction or have your record expunged.