St. George, UT- For many Utahans, their only arrest will be a DUI arrest, a seemingly minor charge, but one that can have far-reaching effects and a conviction can plague a person’s record for years. That is just one of the many reasons why expungement might be an option to living with negative impacts of a DUI charge.

In spite of the consequences which include up to 48 hours in jail, a $700 fine and a minimum 120-day suspension of their driver’s license, some people choose not to fight their charges, can’t afford a defense attorney, or don’t realize the long-term impact of their charges.  Some people just don’t realize what a big deal a DUI charge is until it becomes a hurdle later on, preventing them from pursuing certain occupations, being admitted to certain college, or obtaining a professional license. A DUI—if it is serious enough– can also restrict your ability to travel internationally and, in some cases bar you from owning a firearm.

Fortunately for DUI offenders in Utah, it is one of the few states that allow you to have your record expunged. Even so, an expungement can be very difficult to obtain and you are urged to hire a DUI lawyer in St. George for their expert assistance.

Expungement can’t be initiated until you have completed your sentence and paid all of your fines. Once you have satisfied your sentencing requirements, you can file a petition for expungement, but be prepared for a long process.

Once you’ve submitted your request you will have to wait some time to hear if it has been accepted. Even if your initial request has been denied, you can request a court date to argue your case before a judge, this is why having DUI attorney in Utah on your side, assisting you with all aspects of your expungement.

Certain circumstance make it difficult to have your record expunged like if you served in state prison, you failed to complete your probation or are facing pending criminal charges.

You can also have an arrest expunged from your record even if you were never convicted. If this is successful, the record of your arrest or your part in an investigation is wiped from the public record and will not count against you.

Getting a DUI conviction expunged from your record is not as simple as filling out an application, it requires someone who can convince a court why you deserve another chance and clean criminal record. In reality it is better for you to launch a DUI defense as soon after your arrest as possible and fight your conviction from the onset. But if that isn’t what course of action you followed at least you have the option to pursue an expungement.

If you have been arrested or convicted of a DUI and want an expungement, contact one of USAttorneys’ accomplished DUI lawyers in Utah to explain the process and help you achieve success.