If a drunk driving accident has left you injured which has had a direct impact on your family, particularly your marriage, your spouse may be entitled to recover compensation from the drunk driver in NJ and/or the insurance company assigned to handle the claim.If you would like to find out if your husband or wife is eligible to recover compensation, it is best you contact a drunk driving accident lawyer in Livingston, NJ who can assess your current situation and determine this.

What factors qualify a spouse to obtain compensation after their husband or wife suffered injuries in a drunk driving accident?

In most marriages, both spouses have their own role to play which likely carries a number of different responsibilities. Generally, both parties are responsible for bringing in income, taking care of their children given they have kids together, and being there physically and mentally for their significant other. Unfortunately, certain types of injuries can impact a person’s ability to provide for their family and be the support system they once were able to be. It is for this very reason that the law allows the spouse of that individual to seek compensation for their losses, which is referred to as loss of consortium.

Now, some factors that will influence your spouse’s eligibility to collect compensation for loss of consortium and the amount they can recover include:

  • If you are no longer able to help with day to day tasks (i.e. chores around the house, picking up or dropping off children at school, etc.) and your spouse is now having to take on the responsibility themselves.
  • Your injuries often have you feeling down, unhappy, or even depressed which has impacted the intimacy between you and your spouse.
  • You are no longer able to work as a result of your injury or are now limited to the type of work you can do which has placed a financial strain on your marriage.
  • Your physical abilities restrict you from participating in family events, activities, etc. which has resulted in you becoming withdrawn.

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Who can help my spouse recover damages for loss of consortium in Livingston, NJ?

Loss of consortium is only one of many damages you might be entitled to collect compensation for so if you haven’t spoken with a NJ drunk driving accident lawyer regarding your incident, it would be in your best interest to contact the Law Office Stuart M. Nachbar, P.C. In order to collect compensation for loss of consortium among other damages, you will want to retain an attorney who has experience with handling personal injury cases. Although it might be obvious to you and your family how the drunk driving accident has affected your marriage, you will still be required to prove why you should receive compensation for this damage, and this is something a lawyer can help you with.

Therefore, if want to increase your chances of your spouse being awarded the money he or she deserves, contact this firm today to schedule your initial consultation.


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