New Orleans, LA- New Orleans is notorious for drinking; people flock from all over the world to imbibe and walk the historic streets of the city’s French Quarter. The alcohol flows freely in the Big Easy and for better or worse that gets a lot of people in trouble, mainly for driving under the influence. A DUI conviction has a host of negative impacts on a person’s life, yet some people don’t do the smart thing and fight the charges and later find they want the charge removed from their record.

Between August 28 and September 3rd, over the extended Labor Day weekend, New Orleans Police arrested 24 people for driving while intoxicated, according to the Time-Picayune. Each one of these individuals are facing a jail sentence of a minimum of 10 days in jail up to six months, suspension of their driver’s license, requirements to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicle, exorbitant fines and a host of other penalties.

Regrettably, many people, for whatever reason, choose to try and tackle DWI charges alone, with no legal assistance. People have this mistaken impression that a DWI is no big deal, that the charge won’t affect them too much in the long run, but this not the case. What may seem expedient and a sound financial choice at the time can later haunt a person if they are convicted of a DWI/DUI.

They may soon learn that having this charge on their record is more prohibitive than they first thought. A DWI conviction can prevent a person from: getting into a school of their choice, getting a professional license, or obtaining a better paying job. A DUI conviction can also restrict international travel and affect your right to buy a firearm.

Fortunately, Louisiana is one of the states which allow DWI offenders to have their convictions expunged or removed from a person’s criminal record. But it isn’t an easy task and requires your enlist the services of our outstanding New Orleans DUI attorneys.

Before you can begin the process of expunging your record, your must complete your sentence, that means you must serve your time in jail (if any), finish your community service and complete your probation. One you’ve completed your sentencing you must then petition the court to have your record expunged.

There are certain circumstances that will make it harder to have your record expunged. If you served in state prison, failed to complete your probation or have a pending criminal charges against you.

After submitting your application, you will be informed whether your request has been accepted or not. If you are turned down, it is possible to request a court date and argue your case before a judge.

Expunging an conviction from your record is not as simple as filing out an application and paying the processing fee, it often requires you be able to present a convincing argument as to why you believe your deserve to have your criminal record scrubbed. This is why you need the representation of a New Orleans DUI attorney.

It is better policy to fight a DUI conviction from the onset, failing that your still have the opportunity to have the charge removed from your record so it won’t continue to hold your life back.