Carbondale resident, David Turano was recently sentenced to five to twelve years in prison after pleading guilty last month. The sentencing at Lackawanna County Court is a result of a drunk driving accident that killed 12 year old Leonard Zupon Jr. in August last year. The accused had pleaded guilty to homicide by motor vehicle and aggravated assault DUI. According to Carbondale PA DUI attorneys, homicide by motor vehicle attracts a minimum prison sentence of at least three years.

As per PA Home Page, Turano had admitted to driving drunk and causing the crash just when he was set to go on trial. The deadly accident that occurred in Old Forge on South Keyser Avenue took the life of Zupon Jr. a 7th grader from All Saints Academy. According to police reports, Turano tooke a right turn and collided head on with Zupon’s car. The family was going out for ice cream when the accident occurred.

DUI arrests on the decline in NEPA, increases statewide

According to The Times Tribune, DUI arrests have increased in Pennsylvania over the past five years although the figures are lower in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Lackawanna County. DUI arrests dropped 17% in NEPA in 2014 while there was a 3% rise in the number of cases statewide, up 52,636 in 2014 as compared to 51,202 in 2010. Lackawanna County registered the steepest drop of 35% in the number of drunken driving arrest.

Lackawanna County prosecutor Brian Gallagher said any decrease indicates the efforts put in by the DA’s office to get the message out to the people not to drink and drive. The data was collected from records of district judges across the state.

As per Carbondale PA DUI attorneys, it is mandatory for DUI offenders who are convicted attend a safety program where they are informed about the consequences including penalties, suspension of their driver’s license and other punishments for subsequent DUI arrests. Gallagher said the district attorney’s office has registered DUI cases where it was common to find offenders with a BAC or blood alcohol content level of 0.25, which is over three times the legal limit of 0.08.

Penn teenager busted with marijuana package from Colorado

Penn Live recently reported the arrest of 18-year-old Joseph H. Funesti in Northampton County, PA. He was driving without his headlights turned on when asked to pull over by the police. According to police reports, he failed a field sobriety test while his pupils were dilated and did not react to a flashlight.


However, the DUI by marijuana charge is just the tip of the iceberg. The police found a package in the trunk of Funesti’s car from Denver, Colorado. The package, addressed to Funesti, contained over 43 grams of marijuana, which police suspect could be mail-order marijuana.

A mystery package or mail order marijuana

In his defense, Funesti claims that the package was sent by his brother and only contained brochures and other material. He told police that the marijuana was entrusted to him by Shawn, a dealer, who Funesti claims, trusted him.

Funesti has been charged on felony possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and DUI of a controlled substance in addition to a headlight violation. According to Carbondale DUI attorneys which could be found on the fantastic site known as, Pennsylvania’s ban on synthetic marijuana has been in existence since August 2011. On the other hand, Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in January 2014.

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