Tempe, AZ- Sometimes NFL players can get in trouble with the law and they aren’t really punished by their league or team. But then Arizona Cardinals tight end Lequan “D.C.” Jefferson wasn’t as lucky, he was released Monday after he was arrested for drunken driving.

Last Friday, Scottsdale police were looking for a vehicle that allegedly involved in a collision near Scottsdale and McDowell roads earlier that day. Witnesses told police the vehicle in question was a Chevrolet Silverado.

A police officer saw the Silverado and pulled the driver, who happened to be Jefferson, pulled into a Walgreens parking lot. The officer informed the driver that he was looking for a vehicle involved in a collision at the said intersection, Arizona Central reported.

ESPN reported that Jefferson veered in his lane and struck a vehicle with his vehicle tires that stick out from the side of his truck.

Jefferson said he was not aware of the collision, but while the officer was speaking to the seventh-round pick, he noticed Jefferson’s eyes were bloodshot, and he could smell alcohol on the player’s breath, according to the police.

Jefferson admitted to having “two Spanish beers” at the fair earlier that day. In the police report, the officer noted that Jefferson was “polite, cooperative, and respectful,” but he was placed under arrest and booked for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The rookie’s blood alcohol level was 0.156, almost twice the legal limit. He was released later Friday evening. A rather uneventful arrest, but that didn’t stop the Cardinal’s from dropping Jefferson Monday.

Coach Arians said the decision to let Jefferson go was decided on Friday, and his departure had nothing to do with his DUI arrest. After releasing Jefferson, the Cardinals signed tight end Jake Ballard.

It would be uncharacteristic of the NFL to let a player go for one DUI, since hardly a month goes by without at least one high profile player or NFL executive getting busted for driving under the influence. In fact, NFL players who are arrested from DUI rarely face serious sanctions; they may be barred from one or two games and forced to pay minimal fines, relative to the actual size of their paychecks.

Out of the professional sports leagues, drunken driving and other arrests are more common among NFL players. Jefferson is the 10th or 11th NFL player to be arrested for driving under the influence this year. In 2011, approximately 18 players were arrested for DUI, so the NFL has managed to cut down on these arrests.

The league has instituted some policies that appear to be helping then cut down on the number of DUI players. Not only are NFL players given a mere slap on their wrist for a DUI but they are treated with leniency by the courts, thanks to the skilled DUI attorneys they hire. If you are arrested for DUI, take some advice from a NFL player and hire a DUI attorney to represent you in court, it’s the most important decision about your arrest you will make.