Phoenix, AZ-Athletes don’t drink and drive any more than your regular Joe, or Jane for that matter, but when they do it makes national news. Two athlete arrests flew under the radar, until now. This week news surfaced that Arizona Cardinals’ John Abraham and the Phoenix Suns’ P.J. Tucker were both busted for DUI.

According to Arizona Central, the Suns’ Tucker was busted in Arizona after he failed to stop for a stop sign in the nightclub district of Scottsdale on May 10th. The police report states that Tucker made a couple of sketchy wide turns and was straddling two lanes so an officer pulled him over.

Tucker had the typical signs of intoxication, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. During field sobriety tests, Tucker stumbled, and  admitted to having a beer at the nearby hotel where he was staying.

With that admission and his poor performance on field sobriety tests, police had enough cause to place him under arrests. Arizona Central reported that a breath test take at the police station showed his blood alcohol level was .022, enough to boost his charge to “Super Extreme DUI.”

In Arizona, a person is charged with a “Super Extreme DUI” when their BAC exceeds .020 and carries a minimum penalty of 45 days in jail if the driver is convicted.

Suns management declined to make a comment about Tucker’s arrest, stating they would wait for his case to go to court.

As for Abraham, he was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia, on June 29th and charged with multiple counts, according to Arizona Central. His charges included DUI and sitting or standing in a prohibited area, but there are few other details about his arrest.

NBC Sports reported that Abraham was arrested for a DWI back in 2003 when he was playing for the Jets. At the time he pleaded no contest and was suspended for one Jets game.

The Arizona Republic said the Cardinals declined to comment on Abraham’s arrest. If convicted, Abraham could be suspended and fined by the NFL.

DUI arrests among professional athletes have declined this year over last. So far in 2014, there has been only a handful of DUI arrests among NFL players, including Redskins’ Fred Davis, Seattle Seahawks’ Spencer Ware and Minnesota Vikings’ Erin Henderson, who was also charged with DUI in 2013.

Because of the nearly 30 DUI arrests of NFL players in 2012, the league was getting such bad press over that they took steps to keep their players from driving under the influence. Those efforts included tougher sanctions and an app that secured transportation for intoxicated players. Those efforts appear to have paid off as fewer players have faced DUIs this year.

A DUI is not a frivolous charge and a conviction can a have long-lasting economic and personal implications for an individual. That’s why it is so important for anyone, regardless of their profession, to enlist the services of a DUI attorney to work on their defense.