Melissa Ann Hancock, who you might recognize from the reality TV show “Little Women: Atlanta” was involved in a fatal DUI accident that took the life of a man who was on his way to pick his wife up.  Danial Dill, 29, was heading eastbound, just west of Birdneck Road when his 2009 Mazda was struck by a driver going the wrong way. That driver was Melissa Ann Hancock who was traveling in her 2011 Cadillac at the time.

According to Pilot Online, Dill had sent his wife out that night to have a good time with some friends and celebrate her 27th birthday. He knew she was going to be drinking which is why he stayed back and volunteered to be her designated driver. While this couple was cognizant of the fact that it is always a good idea to have someone available to drive when you know you are going to be drinking, Hancock failed to arrange that which led to her driving while intoxicated.

After the accident transpired, Dill was transported to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital where doctors assessed his injuries. He had suffered from a major spinal cord injury, his brain was severely swollen, and he had internal injuries and broken bones, according to the news source. After suffering from such harsh injuries, Dill’s family made the decision to withdraw care once doctors explained what his prognosis was.

As for Hancock, after police tested her BAC, blood-alcohol content level, it was registered as .112. Currently, it is illegal to operate vehicle with a BAC of .08 or higher, and clearly, Hancock’s level exceeded the legal limit. While she has been charged with DUI, it was reported that her charges are expected to be upgraded.  She was granted a $15,000 bond and ordered to wear a GPS devise that would monitor her alcohol use.

The prosecutor overseeing the case filed an appeal that objected to the bond.

Hancock was allegedly working in the insurance industry, hired by Geico just three weeks prior to the accident. While her Virginia Beach DUI defense attorney issued a statement claiming that “everyone involved feels horrible about the tragic accident,” it can be expected that the family who is now mourning over Dill’s death isn’t going to rest easy until justice is served.

Being involved in a drunk driving accident is devastating, both for the victims who suffer and the person who was responsible for causing the accident. While Hancock may not have intentionally caused the vehicular accident involving Dill, her irresponsible actions make it more difficult for her sympathy to be taken seriously. Now, she is going to face the unfortunate repercussions for her actions.

While most fatal drunk driving accidents result in jail time and costly fines, until Hancock is placed before a judge, we are unsure as to what her penalties are going to be.