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If you are a resident in the state of New Jersey and were charged or convicted with DWI or DUI, you may want to listen up. According to the New Jersey 101.5 news source, thousands of DWI convictions in the state of New Jersey may be thrown out. You heard it correctly, thrown out.

As you know, police officers have a specific protocol they are required to follow when pulling a vehicle over and having reasonable suspicion that the driver may be drunk or drugged. Generally, officers will implement the breathalyzer test to determine a driver’s BAC, blood-alcohol content. New Jersey’s law states that a driver is considered intoxicated when their levels are above .08. But, with a recent lawsuit that was filed back in October in the federal district court of NJ, it spears there is a possibility that the readings taken from some of these breathalyzers may in fact be inaccurate.

Many individuals charged with DWI in New Jersey may have their charges thrown out due to their faulty breathalyzers.

Therefore, if you were charged or are currently fighting a case where you believe your DUI or DWI reading was inaccurate, contact a reputable DUI lawyer in New Jersey through Here you will be paired up with a legal representative who can help overthrow claims made against you or prove your innocence in an already settled case.

State Police Sergeant Marc Dennis has been “accused of botching the calibration of breathalyzers police use on suspected drunk drivers.” Much speculation has been placed over Dennis and the amount of time he has served the state. Dennis has been charged “with records tampering, alleging he skipped a critical step in the required six-month recalibration of all Alcotest instruments.” As you know, many instruments require recalibration to ensure they are working correctly and that the readings they give off are in fact accurate.

Dennis has been serving in his position since 2009, which means he has handled a significant amount of breathalyzer instruments over the course of his career. Now, with the federal class action lawsuit that has been put into place, officials are trying to determine the accuracy in the thousands of cases involving those convicted for DWI since 2009. It is known that Dennis mishandled at least three devices in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, and Union counties. There have been more than 20,600 cases in these counties, many now requiring further investigation.

If you suspect your reading may have been inaccurate or you want your case re-evaluated, now has never been a better time to contact a local Cherry Hill, New Jersey DUI defense attorney who will look into the details of your case and help determine if yours can too be thrown out. And if you are ever caught driving while intoxicated or under the influence, don’t hesitate to contact a local NJ DUI lawyer to help represent you. They will ensure your rights are upheld and your case is fairly handled.