The Conviction

Driving under the influence of alcohol, Matthew Scott Diehl, a 32-year-old Shrewsbury resident was convicted for the death of a 45 year old fire chief, Rodney Miller by a York County jury. Diehl has a history of DUIs, and as per court records had pleaded guilty to another DUI charge in 2005. Although acquitted of charges of third degree murder, Diehl has been convicted of homicide and will spend anywhere between 9.5 to 19 years in state prison. His defense attorney, Suzanne Smith, pleaded for a term between 5 to 10 years.

Fire Chief Rodney Miller: A Huge Loss

Described as a caring man, Miller was the Loganville Fire Chief and always willing to help out anybody in need. The accident happened in April of 2013 at the Glen Rock exit on Interstate 83. Miller was directing traffic when he was struck by the car Diehl was driving. Later, firefighters in York County gathered in remembrance of the Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller, 45, who was killed in the accident.

According to police, Miller’s parked vehicle had its emergency lights on. Diehl tried to go around it which resulted in his SUV striking Miller who was directing traffic. The fire fighter was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Lake Ariel Man Charged with DUI

In another incident of drunk driving, a former police officer has pleaded guilty for a recent incident in June when he crashed into several parked cars in Carbondale. David Matthew Clark, a 40 year old Lake Ariel man has been fired from two area police departments where he was employed as a part time police officer.  He was employed in Jessup and Honesdale police departments.

It is very sad what happened to Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller.

According to Carbondale PA DUI attorneys closely watching the case, Clark was sentenced to five days of house arrest and six months of alcohol free court supervision. He was also ordered to wear an alcohol detecting SCRAM bracelet as part of a negotiated deal.

Faces Second DUI Conviction

This was not the first charge against Clark. He was arrested in 2007 in a road rage incident, for attacking a 73 year old man. Clark later pleaded guilty and was fired from the Carbondale Police Department, where he was working as a part time officer at the time. According to Carbondale PA DUI attorneys, Clark was ordered to enroll in a substance abuse program and undergo counseling as part of the deal negotiated on December 12th.

His attorney said that his client accepted responsibility for his conduct and has taken measures to address the issue addiction.

The attorney also said that Clark appreciates the support of his family, friends, and the community he lives in and serves, adding that his client would be happy to put this incident behind him and get back on the path of sobriety and become a productive member of society. He also said that his client hopes that moving forward he can use this as example for others to refrain from drunk driving.