You can be charged with an OWI, operating while intoxicated, in Fort Wayne if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol and are operating a personal vehicle, commercial truck, a boat, a scooter or moped and even a bike.

What are the Penalties for an OWI Conviction in Indiana?

The OWI penalties in the Indiana can be harsh, and the ramifications of conviction are just as troubling as the legal penalties. You can negate some of the consequences of an impaired driving arrest by retaining an OWI lawyer in Fort Wayne.

First Offense OWI

Jail: Up to one year in jail

Fines: Up to $5,000

Driver’s License: Suspension up to two years

Other Penalties: Probation, possible court-ordered alcohol or drug rehabilitation,

Second Offense OWI

Jail: Minimum five days in jail up to three years

Fine: Up to $10,000

Driver’s License: Between 180 days up to two years

In addition to the penalties discussed above, you face other criminal and administrative penalties including probation, community service, participation in an OWI driver education course and victim impact panel.  Your OWI conviction will remain on your record forever.

You will also find that an OWI is expensive and could easily pay up to $10,000 or more over the course of your OWI.

Following is a list of many of the costs you face if:

Legal fees

Court costs

License reinstatement fees

Costs of rehabilitation if ordered by a judge

DUI Arrest in Jail in Fort Wayne

If arrested for OWI in Indiana, you will be taken to a local jail or police station will be taken to a local jail for booking. Once booking is over, you can begin the process of posting bail and getting out of jail.

When you are not sure where an inmate is located, use one of the search tools listed below:

Wayne County Inmate Locator-

Indiana Department of Corrections Offender Search-

You may be taken to one of the following locations if arrested for drunk or drugged driving in Fort Wayne:

Allen County Jail

417 S Calhoun St.,

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Fort Wayne Police Department-Northeast Division

2730 E State Blvd.,

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Once you are booked, you can contact a family member, spouse, friend or a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Wayne to get you out of jail. In some cases, you might be let out on your “own recognizance” without being required to pay a cash bail. However, most suspected OWI offenders are held until they are bailed out or they are arraigned.

If you need to post bail, you will need to pay the full bail amount which will be determined after you are booked. The bail amounts can range between a few hundred dollars for a simple OWI up to tens of thousands for an OWI with aggravating circumstances.

Most people cannot afford the full bail amount and can request a bond from a reputable bail bondsman. When you seek bond, you must pay between 10 percent and 20 percent down and may be asked to put up collateral to get approval.

To the inexperienced, the bail process can be difficult to navigate unless the person you enlisted to bail you out has done it before. In most cases, you will get released sooner if you enlist an OWI and criminal defense attorney in Fort Wayne.

Your Driver’s License is Suspended

Being charged with an OWI in Fort Wayne and the rest of the state of India will result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of thirty days. You do have the option of getting limited driving privileges by contacting the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and requesting a hearing. If an agent thinks you deserve to have your driving privileges restored you will need to meet the requirements below:

Keep documents granting you limited driving privileges,

Carry valid identification such as an Indiana state-issued ID card or a passport with you while driving,

Refusing a chemical or breathalyzer will result in immediate suspension of your driver’s license and can be suspended up to a year if you are found in violation of Indiana’s implied consent statutes.


To request an administrative license hearing visit the BMV location below:

BMV Locations:

Fort Wayne Pine Valley License Branch

10204 Coldwater Rd.,

Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Bureau of Motor Vehicles- Waynedale Branch

6721 Old Trail Rd #300,

Fort Wayne, IN 46809

Contact an OWI Lawyer in Fort Wayne

The penalties of an OWI are troubling and frustrating. If you want to avoid an OWI conviction, we recommend you reach out an OWI lawyer to work on your defense. can connect you with an experienced lawyer to work on your defense and give you a greater chance of avoiding a conviction or retaining driving privileges.

Immigrants in Fort Wayne face more than the loss of their driver’s license if and jail, they are also at risk of receiving an Order of Removal from a federal immigration agency. Before making any decisions about your OWI, we recommend you speak to an immigration lawyer in Indiana.